Should there be space exploration? (Worksheet for Intermediate+ level)

In this lesson, students learn more about space exploration, practice reading for gist and speaking for fluency.

Age: teens/adults
Level: Intermediate+
Time: 50 mins
Lesson type: Reading and Speaking
Number of students: 1-8
Materials: worksheet, teacher’s notes

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    Elena Leonidovna Chazova

    Is there anyone in SKYTEACH who monitors our comments here and can fix the longstanding error in word order in the title? Don’t let this great stuff and your qualified staff be compromised

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      Thank you for your attention! Our fault 🙁

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    Мария, спасибо за урок! Очень интересная задумка. Но ведб порядок слов должен быть: Should there be space exploration? ‘There’ is the preparatory subject of the sentence


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