How and why I started teaching online

How and why I started teaching online

Online – probably one of the most popular words nowadays in our life. I believe, we are not ready even to imagine life without PC and we just do not want to think about it. The Internet has created a big World which unites all countries and people and where there is no need to worry about distance, to think about time or to spend money on buying tickets, you can just travel all over the world in seconds and discover  a new life and open new borders.

As I was born in the Soviet Union, during my childhood I even could not imagine what  PC, Internet, ”Online” mean, or to speak and have a chat with friends online. So, the first time when I discovered for me a magic computer and the Internet was during my student years. I remember it was the last year in university (bachelor degree), when I saw how one of my group friends was talking on the Internet in English, and then he told me it was his relative from far village who had got some problems with English, and he decided to use Internet opportunities to be helpful for his uncle’s son and explain a lesson. All of a sudden, I asked myself a question, why I do not do the same, the likelihood that I will be able to do,  gave me power just to act and start my teaching career. And I started…. I will never forget how I put ads in different blogs, papers, and I used any possible ways which could help me to start: to start my lessons, to teach those who would like to work with me, with my personality, with people whom my explanation will be acceptable and those who would discover and learn English language with me.

I realized that I was in a need to communicate with new people from different part of the World and find new friends or just group of people who were interested in languages. I started to look for possible ways how to teach online, how to tell about myself and my lessons, so I had found some online platforms, schools where I could introduce myself and work with students. I remember how many hours I spent every day to write articles, to publish some interesting materials, videos, in order to attract a lot of people to study and choose me as a teacher. So, the time came and I had my first student from Poland, her name was Jolaneta, I will never forget her because she was my first online student. Now we continue our communication and we are good friends, so teaching online is not only a job or business but also а great way to find new friends. Then, I  continued my PhD education in the USA (California University), I was rather busy but even that time I did not stop my online lessons and worked with some agents who found students for me. Teaching online has no borders, the only thing that we need is a laptop and a good Internet connection.

So, let’s see what kind of benefits and advantages we have while teaching online

One of the advantages of online teaching is meeting totally different people with their unique traditions and habits  the same day. Imagine: you start your lesson with a student from Russia, then you can have a lesson with a student from China, next from Spain and so on. So just travel and unveil unknown parts of the World and learn new customs. And if you cannot travel and explore the world, then let the world come to you. During my lessons I ask my students about their countries, sometimes they send me some beautiful videos, photos, or just at the end of lesson they show me the view through their window, just imagine having lesson from Barcelona what kind of beauty is in front of you)))

Next benefit that I have got from online teaching  is flexibility in dividing my own time. If you are a morning person, so you can have a chance to decide with your students at what time you want to teach and work in the morning, if not then you can have a lesson in the evening and use morning time for sport or for some other activities.

What’s more, teaching online is really comfortable. First, You do not need to clean the floor after each student (which was a big problem for me in the past), that was a disaster in winter when I had lessons at home and students came with muddy boots and brought a lot of snow so the situation was terrible, and it was one of the most significant reason to force me start online teaching.

And last, but by no means least, working online I have a chance to work from home or from anywhere, just I need a good Internet connection. We all have different motivating factors for teaching English online but one of the greatest things about it is the freedom it gives you. It can be done from virtually anywhere and anytime.

And finally about my dear Skyeng, how I started my job or why I started, the answer is really simple – Skyeng is the best online school where you can have a stable job, new students and a lot of professional materials for lessons. We do not need to spend time and money on ads to find new students, here we, teachers, just must be professional and LOVE our students.

So, let’s briefly overview the reasons why I started to teach online

    • You can have control over your schedule,
    • You can work from home or from anywhere,
    • Teaching online is really comfortable,
    • Meeting totally different people with their unique traditions and habits,
    • During muddy weather you do not need to clean the floor and get angry.

    David Vardanyan

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