The best slang words of 2018

The best slang words of 2018

Isn’t English just such an awesome and developing language?  Each year we are baffled by generation Z coming up with new undescribable yet entertaining words and terms. Luckily for us, we have an urban dictionary, Merriam Webster and loads of other internet resources on our side to help us navigate these mind-numbing terms!

So what words dominated the online dictionary wars this year?

Merriam Webster added quite a few delectable terms, short internet references, words to describe feelings that we all experience and words to describe new technology!

Is there a benefit to adding slang to our dictionaries? Some feel that changes to the English language are imminent and these new slang words added each year helps English to grow into a more modern and even richer language.  Is it just me, or do some of these words make me feel old?

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

1. Hangry! (this is my personal favorite which I use often)
Hangry is an adjective. What does it mean? Hangry is “angry,” and “hungry” merged into one… I bet you know this feeling all too well!

“I am Hangry!”

Is the feeling of irritability when you are in fact you are only hungry!

“Hanna, why are you in such a bad mood? I’m not! I am just hangry!”

Interesting fact: Hangry was first printed in the year 1992 in a London Magazine.

2. Gauc

Gauc is a noun and is short /abbreviated for guacamole. (mashed avocado)  It is as simple as that!

Interesting fact: Guac was first used in the year 1983, and that was the same year the first cellphone was released!

3. TLDR  ( this one is for all the lazies, lazy people)

TLDR is a noun and stands for: “too long, didn’t read.”

When is TLDR used? When your buddy sends you a very long text and you are just not in the mood to read it. Yes, millennials are actually using the TLDR abbreviation. With instant gratification, voice notes and videos, millennials are finding other sources of media a lot more interesting than reading so maybe opt for a voice note instead!

4. Lit / Turnt

Another word that has boggled my mind for months is “lit” or “turnt”. Chatting to my nephew on a Sunday morning, I asked: “hey buddy, how was your birthday party?”; the simple answer was “Aunty Net, it was lit”. This poor kid had no idea what he was talking about, neither did I! LOL!

Lit is an adjective and means or implies that something was really awesome, especially when it comes to parties. Lit is also a synonym for wasted, drunk or high (drugs) so when my 5 year old nephew says his birthday party was lit… that’s really awks!

Turnt, however, is short for” turned up” you are either super excited or drunk.

“ I got so turnt last night.”

5. Awks! ( you were probably wondering what that means )

When did people become such lazy writers?

Awks is an adjective and short for awkward! Awks is used more commonly in text messages and more often used as self-deprecation, uncomfortable or embarrassing situations. Soon generation Z won’t have a clue how to spell!

“my dad caught me smoking pot last night, I’m in so much trouble” “Hanna > wow, that’s super awks!”

6. FOMO ( I really love this one)

Fomo has been around for a few years but has managed to stick around, and it’s not as annoying as other slang words!

FOMO is an abbreviation for Fear Of Missing Out, and it seems most of us have this fear, but that’s ok! We use it mostly on social media, example when your bestie (best friend) uploads a picture to Instagram of herself on vacation without you, you would simply comment “I miss you!  #FOMO!”

7. Instagram it!

I must be really old because I barely know how to use Instagram, let alone understand when someone tells me to “Instagram it”.

“Instagram it” is a verb which means to: Post something to Instagram.  

Usually, when someone says Instagram is, it means a photo you have just taken or a prospective photo is Instagram worthy!


This is a new one for me too! But I quite like this one. At first, I was confused…

We can see the abbreviation ICYMI on most social networks and its actually a pretty useful abbreviation to have.

What it means?  In Case You Missed It!

You can use this to catch the attention of your followers by posting a life event such as a wedding, graduation, new job etc.

Or even to showcase events from the past that you have not yet had the chance to share or post! (not that anyone ever forgets to post anything to social media, because we all HAVE to see what your lunch is today!

I just loved these and I’m really gobsmacked at how slang has evolved over the years. What’s your favorite?

Which words do you think should be added to the slang dictionary in 2019? Let us know by leaving your comment below!

Hanette Lian Stimie

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