While watching movies or reading books, we often think that in many ways we are similar to a certain hero from this or that story. We leaf through the pages of the book or watch the movie hoping to find ourselves there and learn something new about ourselves, as we often need the opportunity to take a look at our actions from the outside.

As St. Valentine’s day is coming up soon, let’s find out which romantic movie character you are.  

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    i agree my results-Noah Calhoun from the movie “The Notebook”

    You are a hardworking and intense person, who does his best to help others and make them happy. People like Noah Calhoun are very loyal, and if they want their dreams come true, they will work day and night to do it no matter what kind of difficulties they face.

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    Юлия Белоног

    Great idea! I enjoyed the quiz very much. I’m a character from ‘You before me’. I liked the movie and I wonder how mane romantic characters are in the quiz.

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      I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Not too much )

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    I like my result — Kate Reddy from the movie “I don’t know how she does it”
    Can’t say that it’s true for me, but this is the type of person I want to be)))


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