Every year on the 14th of February couples from different countries make this day special for each other, as St. Valentine’s Day “comes”. It is a festival, which goes back centuries and is connected with a Catholic priest, Saint Valentine. According to one of the legends, he lived in the 3rd century in Rome and was executed on February 14 by the order of Emperor Claudius the Cruel, as he had been helping Christian young lovers to marry. 200 years after that event the Catholic Church proclaimed 14 February Saint Valentine’s Day and included it in the Catholic Calendar of Saints in order to stamp out paganism.

Generally, the main things associated with this festival are cards, flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinner, though during the centuries different countries have created their own traditions for this festival. Nowadays people make presents not only for their beloved ones but also for their friends and children.

Let’s check how well you know how people in different countries celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.

Do you agree with the results?
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    Можете пожалуйста дать ответы от 3 по 10 задание

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      Мария Короткова

      Здравствуйте! Ответ автоматически отмечается зеленой галочкой, если вы вдруг выбрали неправильный вариант

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    Не понимаю, где сам quiz? Вижу только текст

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      Екатерина, спасибо, что обратили внимание. Поправили, теперь всё отображается нормально

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        К сожалению,так и не нашла((

        • Анна Михайлова (Левина) Автор блога skyteach.ru
          Анна Михайлова-Левина

          А попробуйте открыть страничку в другом браузере. У меня в Microsoft Edge тест есть)

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    very entertaining ^__^


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