Are you ready to win the International Skyteach Teachers Olympiad?

Are you ready to win the International Skyteach Teachers Olympiad?

We have some great news! You asked us to hold another competition for English teachers just like the one Skyteach team had last year. Well, there is no way we could let you down on that.

The registration for the International Skyteach Online Olympiad for English teachers begins on February, 18!

Last year about two thousand teachers from different cities and countries participated in the Olympiad. But this time it will be even more challenging and exciting!

The competition is designed for both experienced teachers and their future colleagues. So if you are still learning or  just considering teaching career and your language skills are decent enough, Skyteach may let you try your hand. A good result could make the first step towards the new profession.

There are at least 3 reasons for you to participate:

  1. Proving your competence: compare your results with those of thousands other teachers from Russia and all over the world.
  2. Upgrading your knowledge through the convenient and entertaining format.
  3. Updating your portfolio with a certificate which would show just how proficient you are.

Our partners are ready to shed some light on the prizes that are worth fighting for:

–  Annual and semi-annual subscriptions to online-cinema Okko;

–  Promo codes for the books from Litres – #1 e-book store in Russia;

–  Access to online course “How to teach English language and earn money online” from the Skyteach School online centre for English teachers’ professional development.

And if you are currently a Skyeng teacher, you can get an extra present. Just invite your colleagues who do not work in Skyeng yet and make sure they put your email in the special form. The participant whose email will be noted the most will win the semi-annual subscription to Okko online cinema and enjoy watching more than 20 thousand films and TV-series in Full HD!

So, there are just a few steps for it:

  1. Sign up beginning from February, 18 until March, 11 included.
  2. We will give you the tasks on February, 25. Complete them until March, 11 included.
  3. Finally, visit the broadcast where our Skyeng specialist Maria Cedric will announce the winners and analyse the hardest tasks of the Olympiad.  

Also, after signing up you will get your first present International, the list of 50 most interesting resources according to English teachers!

May the best smartest win!

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