Movie club – Hooten and the Lady (Part 1)

Movie club – Hooten and the Lady (Part 1)

Are your students interested in archeology, treasure hunting? Have you got students who are keen on acient world or just exploring the world? Are you eager to spicy up their homework? We have prepared worksheets for a TV series “Hooten and the Lady”, the British comedy-adventure series following the exploits of Lady Alexandra (she is of noble descent, so, she is the real Lady) and the tough guy named Hooten. These thrill-seekers travel around the globe in search of the lost and priceless artefacts, from the Amazon to Egypt, passing through Rome, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Moscow, Cambodia, the Caribbean.

In the worksheets below you can find exercises to do before watching, while watching and after watching. Encourage your students to pause or re-watch the video if they need. The best website to watch this TV series is ororotv. Here is a short tutorial:

There are 8 episodes in the series. Below you can find worksheets for the first part of the season.

Hooten and the Lady – The Amazon (episode 1)
Hooten and the Lady – Rome (episode 2)
Hooten and the Lady (episode 3)
Hooten and the Lady – Bhutan (episode 4)

 * Cover taken from Cultbox

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