Teacher wellbeing

Teacher wellbeing

Teaching is the most rewarding profession in the world. But like other social jobs, it is challenging, responsible and energy-consuming. In addition to that, not everyone is happy with their working conditions or learners they work with.

Teachers are prone to professional burnout and that’s why they need to insure their well-being. If practising meditation isn’t for you, here are some ideas on how to feel good in your lessons.

1. Find something interesting in every student and learn from them

A lesson is not just about grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. It’s about human interaction, exchanging experience and learning from each other. See how much useful things you can get from the lesson: some ideas for the next book to read or film to watch, where to go sightseeing, which programmes to install and even what to cook for dinner. So you are not only shaping your teaching skills but you learn more about life.

2. Think about something which makes you happy

Teaching is not a bed of roses and sometimes the lesson goes just the other way round. Admit it, some individual learners or groups might drive you up the wall. When I started teaching, I had a very problematic group in terms of a discipline: unruly 9-year-olds. I was playing games and dancing all the time to catch their attention and after 5-7 lessons, I wanted to strangle every single learner there. What was the way out? I imagined how I would spend money from those lessons: on new earrings and a beach holiday. And I felt better. So think about some pleasant things in your life to remain cal