Bad speaking habits

Bad speaking habits

If you are anything like me I’m sure somewhere on ted talks you’ve watched the presentation on bad speaking habits. Julian Treasure is one of my favorite speakers! You can check him out here.

So I’ll follow Julian’s lead and share my own 7 favorite bad speaking habits!

I want you to think about a conversation you’ve had with someone, think of a negative conversation. What jumped out at you? Were they speaking really fast and interrupting you or even not allowing you to get a word in? Did they speak about taboo topics?

For me personally, there is nothing as bad as someone who raises one or all of the 3 taboo topics during a polite and friendly conversation: 1. Religion 2.Politics 3.Money.

Those 3 are absolutely off limits. If you want to make enemies, that’s one way to do so.

Let’s get to my list, shall we?

Keep in mind my list has very much to do with public speaking and delivering presentations but these rules can absolutely be applied to one on one conversations or general conversations.

  1. Complaining

Did you know that complaining is actually a habit? If you are a chronic complainer like I sometimes am, you won’t even notice that you complain in almost every conversation. Why? Because it’s so easy for humanity to find things wrong in situations. “Oh look, Kristina, that tre