Effective end of the lesson activities

Effective end of the lesson activities

It goes without saying that to have a productive lesson, teachers should start it with an interesting and effective warm -- up. But what about ending the lesson as effectively as it has been started? The end of the lesson is equally important as its beginning. If you end a lesson just at the last exercise saying goodbye, your students will probably have the feeling that something is not completely finished. Hence, being a teacher requires to be creative and think of useful ways of ending your lesson.

Here we offer some ideas on effective end of the lesson, that may come in handy.

Feedback (all levels)

Asking your students to give a feedback may really turn out to be a useful way of finishing the lesson. It gives them an opportunity to think over the learnt material, to sum up, and to share their opinion.

  • Students might complete the sentences:  
  • If you work with a group, you can choose several students and ask them to talk about what they learnt during the lesson, what was interesting for them, what part they liked most. They can also give a brief summary of a story they read or listened to. If you studied “Past Simple” or “be going to”, you can ask them to tell their classmates what they did yesterday or what they are going to do after the classes.
  • To develop your kids’ and teenagers’ critical thinking you can use pair/share activity at the end of the lesson. Ask your students to tell the person