Easter for primary school (worksheet)

Easter for primary school (worksheet)

These funny activities can serve as additional tasks on the festive lessons before the Easter holiday. Children will get aсquainted with Easter vocabulary and develop attention, memory and processing skills, which are very important for learning a language.

Teacher’s notes:

Before activities introduce new words showing flashcards to the students.

Activity 1:

New words: Easter hunt, Easter egg.

Switch on the song during the search of eggs. In the end of the activity ask: How many Easter eggs can you find in the picture?

Activity 2

New words: Easter bunny, chick.

Elicit the words: duck, Easter, happy, hop, legs and some other, if necessary. Let your students spell the words to their partners.

Activity 3

New words: chick, chocolate bunnies,  lily, bunny trail, basket, jelly beans, Easter eggs, candle.

Skip part (b) in case it is hard for your students.

Activity 4, 5

New words: Easter bunny, lamb, basket, Easter egg, lily, cross buns, jelly beans, chick, chocolate bunnies, candle, church, daffodil.

Download the worksheet.

Download the flashcards.  

Happy Easter!


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