Why self-study?

Why self-study?

When you take the free will out of education, it becomes academic schooling.

I am sure you agree that self-study is essential in personal and professional growth; in fact, it is essential everywhere. A lot of universities, schools, educational institutions have started to motivate their students to study themselves, to find gaps in their knowledge and skills and investigate ways to fill in those gaps.

Now you may think “Why should I empower my students to study independently, if this is my job and I am earning money with this?”

Believe me that this will make you even more professional; jealousy and egoism in teaching makes the teachers slow down in in their professional growth. Today’s teaching has become more mentorship than instruction-based activity. So,you should walk with the pace of the modern requirements in education.

And let’s discuss the plan of self-study, and that is the process of  empowering your students to take control of their education.

First and foremost, your students  should know that self-study is driven by self-monitoring and self-discipline. Thus,  they should try to take full control of their development. Here are the steps that they  should take:

Visualize the outcome

Before we start designing the self-study course, we need to think about the final outcome of  the study. Your students need to clarify for themselves what they need to achieve, what result they  plan to get, where they want to reach (or you can set goals for them). Without knowing where and what they need to achieve, it is hard to see the way and the methods to get there. So,  have them set SMART goals: