Revision & Why it’s important

Revision & Why it’s important

Some teachers tend to jump from one topic to another without revising the previous lesson.

They assume that since they started a new topic that they have moved on. Revision is, unfortunately, something we sometimes or don’t pay attention to in great detail. BUT consistent reviewing of materials is crucial.

In this article, we will answer the following questions:

  • Why should we revise the previous lesson if we are starting a new one?
  • How often should be revising? Every lesson? Only at the end of the lesson?

What is revision?

Well, to “read things again” to “re-do”. When we revise it gives the student the opportunity to reflect on their performance. Did they really understand the complete lesson? Can they remember the new vocabulary and expressions? This also gives us the opportunity to provide the student with honest and useful feedback.

Here is my personal reason for why revision is important:

I had a student who was preparing for the IELTS exam. He was pre-intermediate level and wanted to pass the exam in