Teaching writing to kids

Teaching writing to kids

Some specialists believe that the development of spoken skills should forego literacy development. However, some recent researches have found that it is not advisable to follow this approach. The reason is that a delay in learning how to read and write does not promote speaking skills development, but interferes it. Thus, the question is how to make young English learners literate and to teach reading and writing, speaking and listening simultaneously. In the webinar, we have already discussed how to develop reading skills, and in this article, we are going to concentrate on teaching writing.

We have already discussed that in order to reduce stress during learning process children need scaffolding. Thus, it would be a great idea to use To/With/By approach (Cappellini, 2005; Mooney, 1990; Walter, 2004). What does it mean?

Writing TO students

A teacher uses a blackboard, a whiteboard or Watman paper in order to demonstrate HOW children should write. A teacher writes big (so that everyone sees everything clearly) letters, words or phrases and reads them with children.

A teacher can use handwriting manuals to facilitate learning on how to write letters and words. In case there is no possibility to utilize ready-made handwriting manuals, a teacher can encourage students to work in copybooks: a teacher (or a student themselves) can draw a letter in the copybook and encourage students to colour it with smaller letters (as in the picture).