Young learners’ learning goals

Young learners’ learning goals

It’s quite easy to list adults’ or teenagers’ learning aims. Business, travelling, exams, movies, “I just like it”…But why do children need English? What’s the purpose? In case they accept the targets of their parents, motivation to the studying drastically decreases. Our task is to find out the individual learning goals and give students necessary learning tools for reaching them. Teachers get the information during discussions or give a questionnaire. 

Here are some of the widespread aims of kids:

School or kindergarten 

Lots of schools and even kindergartens have English as one of the compulsory subjects in the curriculum. Children start learning it at a young age and even have to take tests and do projects in English. At some education institutions, English is used as the medium of instruction, for example, bilingual centres that grow in popularity nowadays. Therefore kids have to know the language well.

Moving abroad

Some families move abroad and children have to acquire a new language as now they will be immersed in it, surrounded by it everywhere: playgrounds, child centres, shops, cafes, schools, etc.