6 Fillers and Warmers for Any Lessons

6 Fillers and Warmers for Any Lessons

Your students get bored while the class. Use fillers and warmers! They add extra excitement and fun to the classroom atmosphere. 

  1. Entry/Exit Tickets

Before each lesson, stick some mini tasks on the door. When students enter, they need to take a task and perform it. The tasks may include some target vocabulary, for example, to define a word, give a synonym or antonym, pronounce a set of words, complete the sentence, etc. As for exit tickets, students choose it at the end of the lesson and in order to leave the classroom they need to do the task there. Exit ticket tasks may include telling 2-3 new words from the lesson, stating two things they like and two things they dislike about the lesson, correcting a mistake, etc.

2.  The A to Z game

Give students a theme, such as Jobs, Things you take on holiday, Food. Write the letters from A to Z on the board. Teams of students must race to the board to write an appropriate word starting from each letter of the alphabet.

  1. Pass the Word 

The teacher chooses any lexical or grammatical field of revision for practice and gives a ball to students. The teacher or one student takes a ball (tennis ball for example), says