Games for learning to spell

Games for learning to spell

What’s the most difficult thing in the English language? What is more, it is difficult not only for the learners but also for the native speakers. They even hold contests in it in the USA held among elementary school children. Obviously, it is spelling. 

Why is English spelling so challenging? The cause is a great number of languages that have been enriching English since the beginning of times. Here we can find Latin, French, Greek, German and many others. As words come from a different language, they bring the written and most often the spoken form from the original language. 

There are 50 commonly misspelt words which you and your students should be really careful with. You can find them here. This all is very interesting, but the question is how to teach our students to spell correctly? In the era of gamification, we will, without doubt, look at fun ways to do that.

Silhouette drawing 

The very name of it is challenging for spelling. Here you ask your students to draw a silhouette of the word on the board or piece of paper. The others should guess the word by its outline. It’s better to do a couple as a whole class and then to switch to pairwork.