Summer bucket list for teachers

Summer bucket list for teachers

Finally summer has come, and hopefully, most of the teachers are having a break from their lessons, students and everyday routine. We all know that teaching, whether online or offline, can be emotionally, physically and mentally torturing. Therefore, it is of vital importance for all of us, teachers, to have a relaxing summer break and fill in with new ‘petrol’ for the coming school year. This article provides some useful tips and ideas for teachers to enjoy summer holidays. 

  • Put away your alarm clock. Yeah, at last, we do not have to switch off the alarm clock every 5 minutes until it wakes us and reminds of our students and endless lessons. Now you can throw it away, or delete the function on your phone. Sleep as long as you want and as long as your neighbours allow. 
  • Enjoy reading. Summer is a perfect time to read books you have longed for during the school year. Every time we enter bookshops to buy a textbook or a professional guide, most of us glance at bestsellers and look forward to reading them in summer. So, it is high time to realize your big dream. 
  • Wake up and smell the coffee. We usually wake up only after drinking a cup of coffee. But when we are in a hurry or are getting ready for our classes, we seldom enjoy it. During these holidays you will probably and hopefully have enough time to smell your coffee, listen to the singing of birds and enjoy drinking your coffee.
  • Pajama day. Wake up and do not get dressed, you can wear your pyjamas for the whole day. No stress and no strict dress code.
  • A smile is the best make up any girl can wear. No makeup, no long hours spent in getting ready for the lesson. Be yourself, without any makeup. Natural beauty is the best beauty.
  • Photoshooting

  • Go to the store and buy nothing for your classroom. I guess some of us are so addicted to their jobs that it will be a great challenge for them. But why not? If you like challenges, go ahead. Remember, nothing for your classroom or your students.
  • Be with family and friends. I think all of us will confess that during a school year we even confuse the names of our family members and call them by our students’ names. One of the reasons is that we really spend too much time in the workplace and seldom meet our relatives or friends. Now you can ‘award’ them your time and attention. Go for a walk or to a cafe, whatever you prefer, just be with your family and friends.
  • Schedule a massage or spa day. This can be done either with your friends or just yourself, but definitely no students 😀 Take some time to refresh and recharge this summer at a local Spa centre. Turn off your mobile phone and simply live in the moment and in an atmosphere that recharges your body and spirit.

    Follow the tips, add some more in your summer bucket list and make this summer unforgettable!

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