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The Internet is a source of abundant information where you can find lots of useful things and instruments for education. Among them is definitely YouTube. It is a video-sharing website, where there are also educational channels. The fact that most teenagers are addicted to the Internet, especially YouTube, is not a secret for us. But what channels are really helpful? Here we present a list of the most popular and effective YouTube channels among teens.

TedEd YouTube Channel

Ted Talks is a favourite channel and program for most of us teachers. We sometimes use some of the videos in our lessons, discuss the topics introduced in them, share opinions. But do you know that there is a growing library of educational videos for teenagers held in TedEd channel? One of the features of these videos is that they are not long, they last for 3-5 minutes and can be easily used in the classroom. There you can find various topics about science, literature, languages, history, chemistry, etc. Each video represents a task that a student must solve. The student is given some time to think over the question and then the right answer is introduced.

TED-Ed Student Talks

This channel supports students in discovering, exploring and presenting their big ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks. The presenters of the talks are teenagers, who express their opinions on general topics, such as air pollution, video gaming, ecology, fear, etc.

British Council/LearnEnglish Teens

LearnEnglish Teens is the British Council’s channel for teenagers. It provides videos, reading texts, listening activities and worksheets. It is an incredibly good channel for improving English. Learners can join the community of British Council, write comments and communicate with other English learners from around the world. Most of the videos are quite short, 3 -8 minutes. Here your teens can find a lot of useful videos on English grammar and can practise speaking skills.


The channel is held by a Russian woman who is currently living in California. She is an entrepreneur, YouTuber and a co-founder of Linguatrip and Fluent Express. The channel has more than 1,5 million subscribers and is getting more and more famous day by day. The channel represents the most widespread issues in learning English, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and international exams.

Let’s Talk

The fact that this channel has more than 4 million subscribers says something, doesn’t it? It combines audio and video lessons and makes learning easier with ESL teachers who give useful tips to improve your English speaking. In these videos, you will find the answers to the widespread questions in learning a foreign language, such as:

How to improve English Vocabulary?

Is English Grammar required to speak good English?

How to learn English tenses?

How do tongue twisters help improve the pronunciation?

Learning English through songs and music.

How to practice English speaking without a partner. 

Learn English with EnglishClass101.com

This is an online English language learning channel, that provides techniques on how to improve speaking, reading and writing. Another outstanding feature of this channel is that it runs a lifestream during which the presenter introduces some grammar material and the viewers are free to ask questions online.

Real English

It is really an amazing channel for beginners. It has free lessons, with two videos, one with subtitles and one without, and many exercises. The most prominent thing about this channel is that it introduces real-life situations and you get to know how people speak English in reality.

VOA Learning English

Do your teenagers follow the daily news? Are they afraid to miss something new? If yes, this channel is definitely for them. An important thing worth mentioning about this channel is that reports are read out at a slower speed than usual. The duration of the videos is usually 1 minute.

What channels are your teens subscribed to?

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