Lazy teaching – resources to save teacher’s planning time

Lazy teaching – resources to save teacher’s planning time

When you are a teacher, you always have a lot of things to do and a lack of time. One of the vital routine activities is lesson planning. How to make it an easier and faster process? The internet has a lot to offer teachers: plenty of prepared lesson plans, a lot of various ideas and tons of worksheets on all possible topics. Follow our guide and you’ll be able to tailor any lesson in no time.

  1. British Council website

Here you can easily find a wide range of ready-to-use lesson plans designed to practice skills and boost students’ confidence in learning English. Plans include introductions, aims, descriptions of the level, time, props needed as well as downloadable PDF student worksheet. 

  1. English Grammar

This resource will help you to teach all aspects of written English and grammar. Even complex topics are covered. There is a list of topics to choose from and a search bar to assist you. You can download printable lessons or see online tasks.

  1. ESL Party Land

It provides teachers with loads of ideas and printable materials to use in class. Every aspect of the language is covered. There are many ideas how to teach with film and video, with the Internet, using songs and music, how to teach conversation, listening, speaking, reading, writing and vocabulary.

  1. ESL Video

The website offers free English lessons and activities for online and in-class use. You can choose to download and print out PDF versions or to assign online quizzes for homework. You can also create your own quiz. Materials are designed for all levels (Beginner – Advanced) and are based on a variety of videos, TED Talks, songs, animated films.

  1. The Internet TESL Journal

Though the design of this website looks not pretty, the content is amazing. The lesson plans are real life savers.

  1. UsingEnglish

Materials here are divided into ESL levels, so you can easily find games and lesson plans for your need. ESL lesson plans and worksheets are in PDF format and absolutely free.

  1. Oxford Seminars

The website includes a vast collection of lesson plans categorized by topics, levels, language aspects. 

  1. Linguahouse

Linguahouse has a nice library of lesson plans and worksheets. You can enter a keyword or use the search filters to narrow down your search results and minimize lesson preparation time.  It’s also possible to switch between British and American English for the same lesson plan, each of them containing some multimedia, worksheets (in color and black and white), notes, keys.

  1. ESLauthority

Dozens of creative lessons plans and templates are available here. You can browse by section.

  1. Skyteach

Explore a beautiful collection of nicely designed plans for your lessons. You’ll find the most untrivial topics like “The Vegetable Orchestra” or “How did the months get their names?” Teacher’s notes and worksheets are in PDF format.

And let us introduce one more service to make your life as a great teacher easier. Try Planbook to find out how to do lesson planning the way it’s meant to be.With the help of it you can schedule classes for the entire year, create detailed lessons using the templates given, share those lessons if you need, track your students performance and allow them to view it online.

Take your time and don’t get lost in a mass of materials! Use time and resources wisely and enjoy your lessons!


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