Is it possible to work for a Russian online school without knowing Russian

Is it possible to work for a Russian online school without knowing Russian

If you have been browsing through ESL job websites looking for the perfect school I am pretty sure you have seen us! Skyeng! Do you wonder if it is possible to work for a Russian company without knowing Russian? I know the answer 🙂 Let me start with it’s a pleasure to virtually meet you! I am Hanna from Cape Town. I have happily been with Skyeng for over two years, and I have never looked back. At first, I was slightly scared and sceptical about applying to Skyeng. Why? It’s a Russian school! Doesn’t one need to know and understand Russian to work for a Russian school? The answer is simple, NO! You don’t!

That’s the beauty of Skyeng. Your managers and communication are in English!

Below are the most important things I feel you need to know about Skyeng:

1. The recruitment process

Skyeng is continuously developing and keeping up with times ensuring a streamlined and smooth recruiting process. Gone are the days of dozens of interviews, tests and lengthy demo lessons and don’t thread! Your interview is in English! No Russian needed!

With Skyeng, the hiring process is as smooth sailing. You receive your notification of a short demo with a methodologist. You have different topics to choose from. After your demo, you will receive your welcome email and training. Best is, it’s all online, and you can do it from anywhere.  You’ll be up and teaching in no time!

2. Personal Managers and additional management

  • I think no one likes it when management breathes down their necks. One thing I can say is that your managers take a more supporting role rather than a micromanagement position. You’re the pro, you’re the teacher, and they know that you were hired because you are fantastic at what you do. Your manager will also ensure that you are meeting company KPI’s to ensure you are always in high standing. The higher your KPI’s, the better the incentives and your manager will work closely with you to ensure you don’t fall behind.
  • Your manager is your direct contact for any issues you may have: schedule, students, payments, KPI’s.   
  • Skyeng has student managers who are responsible for student accounts, renewing student lesson balances, matches students to appropriate teachers, ensuring new students are happy with their current teacher and are meeting their learning objectives. Sometimes students are too shy to communicate their concerns to their teachers, so this is where the student manager comes in to play. Awkward situation avoided! 
  • All communications are in English.

    3. Tech-Support

Have a lower level student and struggling to communicate on how to use certain functions? Have issues with sound or camera and don’t know how to support your students? Tech-support or even the student manager will schedule a call to test things out and provide their support in a language they understand, Russian!

4. Flexibility

In addition to fantastic and reasonable peak hours, you can set your own schedule. Prefer to work mornings? Great! Open those slots and wait for a match. Because you work with adults students (if that is what you prefer) you communicate to them one on one so rescheduling and moving your lessons around in extreme emergencies are great. For me, this is the most significant advantage of working for Skyeng. Adults seem to have a mutual understanding that life happens.

5. Students

Skyeng always finds itself in some exciting project all year long. You will continuously be surprised by the different kind of students available to you, and this includes children and teenagers.

But you may ask, what if your student is a beginner and needs Russian to communicate? Well, Skyeng has an ocean of fantastic bilingual Russian/English teachers who help beginner students develop their language skills until a high intermediate level where he or she is comfortable to convert to an English native only. This happens in stages which is great!

6. Unique, time-saving platform

I believe Skyeng has one of the best online platforms in the world. There is a reason Russia is famous for its amazing applications and technological skills. Skyeng has developed a platform with all your educational needs. No need to write extended tedious lesson plans. Phenomenal interactive, informative yet thought out and highly specialised courses are available on the platform. There is never anything short of teaching. The platform comes with an online and live dictionary which translates English to Russian, built-in translator and grammar searcher. The student can also immediately place new vocabulary by a click of a button into the words app for them to access later for homework. Oh, did I mention you get to send the student homework too via the platform?

The students’ progress is measured by an algorithm which spits out a number 1-10 based on their performance. Essays, written tasks and speaking tasks are also checked by our fantastic methodology department who then provides feedback to our students.

What more could you want and need? Need I say more?

Go ahead, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I hope you found this article useful and can’t wait to see you around our social platforms!

Best of luck with your Skyeng journey!

Hanette Lian Stimie

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