Are they slang or unique words?

Are they slang or unique words?

It’s that time of the year again, new words for mid-year 2019! Every couple of months if not monthly the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary (powered by Oxford University Press)  adds new words to their content. Some of these are pretty weird and so cool at the same time! It seems the Scottish are on a roll this year! However, I can’t seem to make up my mind. Are these words slang are just unique in their own way? 

Have you heard some of these already? Let’s find out!

  1. Geggie

The origin of this word is unknown, although it does have 2 variants: Geggie and Geggy.

Meaning: Geggie means mouth. Geggie is a noun and commonly used in Scotland and means to “shut your mouth”. How rude? 

When you hear “shut your geggie” rather just do as they say and sshh.

  1.  Infodump

Meaning: The word infodump basically describes being overloaded with information, in most cases useless information and background information. We can also say: “Information Overload” or “TMI” – too much information. 

Think about a movie that is being narrated. We need the backstory, right? We need background information. It is also known as “infodump”. 

Example: “Man, all I wanted was help deciding which car to buy but the sales guy info-dumped me with so much information that now I don’t know what car to buy, I am just going to leave it until later.”

Personally I use this word all the time when I am annoyed when strangers talk too much. I don’t like experiencing useless infodump. How about you? 

3. Sitooterie

Yet another word used by the Scottish, I quite like this one!

Varients: Sitooterie or Sitootery.

Meaning: A (sit)ooterie is an area in a building that is secluded where people can sit apart from others….. (does not sound creepy at all, ya’ll)  but apparently it’s not as scary as it seems. Actually, we all could use a great sitooterie every once and a while. A sitooterie is basically a are with seats to relax, think gazebo. Below are a few cool looking sitoories that I wouldn’t mind relaxing in! 

4. Skunked

This is North American adjective. It has 2 meanings thanks to the youth behaving badly.

Meaning: To get skunked or be skunked means to be completely intoxicated either by alcohol or high on cannabis. I feel we have way too many synonyms for this word already!

Example: “I am terribly disappointed that most of the guests at the wedding got skunked. I don’t think alcohol should be served at weddings!”


This one leaves me stumped sometimes! Womp has so many different meanings depending on how you view it. Are you on social media? If you so, you must have seen this hashtag before.

Meaning:  Womp = World On My Plate, incorporating all the healthy foods from different countries onto one plate. 

A womp is related to healthy eating, are you eating healthy?

 6. Sprogged

The first time I heard this word was in the movie “Bridget Jones’s Diary” a British movie.  

Example: ‘You really ought to hurry up and get sprogged up, you know, old girl,’ said Cosmo… ‘Time’s running out.’

Meaning: Time for sprogging or get sprogged means that one is preparing to be with child or planning on having children. I can’t imagine my face is my aunt had to tell me its time to get “sprogging, time is running out old girl”.  Can you imagine? Is this even an adjective or is it a verb? I feel offended!

7. Sprunt

The origin is unknown but I have a sneaky suspicion it’s of Scottish origin.

This one is intransitive and used like this: 

Example: 1805   J. Nicol Poems II. 9  “ The lovers comin there to splunt.” 

Meaning: It means to show affection and romantic gestures. 

This is rather cute I think. It reminds me of excess public displays of affection.

8. Baffie

The Scottish are on a roll this year, aren’t they?

Meaning:  A baffie is a noun and it is a slipper!! Yeah, those warm snug toe hugging shoes you wear with your pyjamas! I love myself a good baffie during Wintertime! I can’t wait to use this word next Winter! Someone bring me my baffies!!

9. Cannabusiness

Don’t look at me with that tone of voice! Yeah, I am speaking to you dear reader! Common, it’s 2019 after all and with cannabis becoming more popular and legal across the globe, I can’t say I am surprised.

Meaning:  “cannabusiness” is a North American word and basically is a commercial activity that produces and sells cannabis-related products. It’s a noun and basically, as the word states, the company is in the field/sphere of cannabis.

10. Hokkie

This one I actually already knew as it’s native South African and an Afrikaans word. The only place in the world where Afrikaans is spoken is South Africa so it’s interesting that this word has made the international list.

Meaning:  A place where domestic animals are kept. Direct translation to English means little cage/small cage. When “kie” is added to Afrikaans words it acts as a modifier. From big to small.

  1. Transitioner

The word transitioner is to be used as a noun and not a verb as it would sound. 

Meaning:  It’s a North American word and we use this word for items of clothing we wear during the “mid seasons” known as Spring or Autumn. “This cardigan is the perfect transitioner piece, it’s not too warm nor is it too cool”.

  1. Weediness

No, it’s not what you think! 

Meaning:  Weediness is actually an adjective, we can describe a person as weedy. The origin is English and Dutch. Weediness is to be scrawny or ungainly. Almost like messy, clumsy and not taking care of your appearance or yourself. We can describe people and animals with this adjective. In my personal opinion “weediness” is the perfect word to describe someone who is a complete mess.

  1. Womxn

Its origin is unknown.

Pronounced as “womin” and this word is more of a political and feminist movement.

Meaning: If you have not seen it already, many women/woman are now removing the “a” and “e” from the noun “woman” (Wo/mEn Wo/mAn)  in a stand against domestic violence against women (This reasoning is more supported in Africa). This word is also supposed to be the new inclusive word of trans and nonbinary women. (More common in North America) 

I had to much fun with this and hope you learned as many new words as I did. 

Do you know of any new words we can add to the list? Add them in the comments below! Which words are new for you and which did you already know about? 

Hanette Lian Stimie

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