Правильные ответы на задания Олимпиады Skyteach

Правильные ответы на задания Олимпиады Skyteach

Международная Олимпиада Skyteach закончилась 12 августа, а 14 августа мы подвели итоги и объявили имена победителей на онлайн-трансляции, которую провела Юлия Булгакова – представитель Cambridge Assessment English.

По многочисленным просьбам участников размещаем правильные ответы на задания Олимпиады. Напомним, что одна часть заданий не может быть размещена в открытом доступе, так как представляет собой часть Кембриджского экзамена. Размещение ответов на такого рода экзамены в сети Интернет строго запрещено. 

Part №1: Use of language

For questions 1-7, read the sentences and decide which answer (A,B,C or D) best fit each gap. Sentences are related.

1.The red berries from Africa contain an extraordinary substance called miraculin, which ……      the tongue’s taste buds into believing sour food is actually sweet.

A  upsets

B  takes

C  tricks – правильный ответ

D  makes

  1. In West Africa the berries have been used to sweeten food for centuries but it is only recently that the global food industry has realised their ……

A  capacity

B  possibility

C  potential – правильный ответ

D  aptitude

  1. As the berries rot quickly, it seemed …. unlikely that they could ever be exported. 

A  highly – правильный ответ

B  deeply

C  acutely

D  exceptionally

  1. The ……    came when a Japanese food importer found a way to freeze-dry the berries.

A  headway

B  breakthrough – правильный ответ

C  progress

D   achievement

  1. The increasing number of people trying to eat healthily has …… to a rise in the availability of low-calorie products. 

A  led – правильный ответ

B  shown

C  guided

D  conducted

  1. However, a very common complaint among consumers is that the taste of low-calorie foods is often quite ……

A  weak

B  bland – правильный ответ

C  faint

D  flat

  1. A famous cafe in Japan appears to have …… a solution to this in the form of a little red berry from Africa. Diners make sure they enjoy their food by chewing one of these miracle berries.

A  thrown up

B  fallen for

C  jumped to

D  hit upon – правильный ответ

For questions 8-13, read the sentences and decide which form of the word (A, B, C)is more suitable. Sentences are related.

  1. The A1GP racing car is ……….in its shape, fuel and material.

A  revolutionize  

B  revolution

C  revolutionary – правильный ответ

  1. This car has been designed to …….undesirable air pockets.

A  minimum

B  minimise – правильный ответ

C  minimal

  1. Thus creating more opportunities for pursuing drivers to……

A  take

B  taken

C  overtake – правильный ответ

  1. The A1GP runs on a biofuel made from sugar, which means that there are fewer harmful………. 

A  emissions – правильный ответ

B  emittances

C  emitters

  1. The A1GP is an …..car.  

A  afforded

B  affordable – правильный ответ

C  affording

  1. This means that drivers can take up the sport without the need to …..that they have a virtually limitless source of financial support. 

A  ensure – правильный ответ

B  insure

C  unsure

For questions 14-17, read the conversation between two advanced learners. Answer the questions about their use of language by choosing the correct option A, B or C.

Christina: Are you a good sailor? Have you ever been seasick?

Raquel: Yeah, I have been seasick, once. Actually, I …

Christina: Was that on a long journey?

Raquel: Yeah. In fact, I’m quite a good traveller normally. But there was erm … er … not on a long journey, no, sorry. It was about only 30 kilometres. And erm, coming … on the way back, it was a very small boat, and it was very hot, and me and the rest of my family were on the very … in the inside of the boat. And it was just like being in a … on a cork, carried by water. And my brother started first, and then everyone started feeling sick.

Christina: Oh, terrible.

Raquel: It was horrible. 

14 Why does Raquel stop after saying “Actually, I…” when she answers  Cristina’s question: “Have you ever been seasick?”

A She can’t remember the right word.

B She hasn’t understood the question.

C She is suddenly interrupted by Cristina. – правильный ответ

15 Why does Raquel say «Yeah» when she answers Christina’s question: “Was that on a long journey?”

A to show that she has heard Christina’s question

B to ask for the question to be repeated

C to show she is unsure about her answer – правильный ответ

16 Why does Raquel use «in fact» in the next sentence?

A She’s introducing a contrast with what she said earlier. – правильный ответ

B She’s correcting what Christina said.

C She’s giving herself some time to think.

17 The many uses of «and» in Raquel’s reply passage

A summarise Raquel’s ideas.

B repeat what happened in the story.

C mark new points in the story.   – правильный ответ

18 The use of adjectives «terrible» by Christina and «horrible» by Raquel in the end of the dialogue show that Raquel and Christina both

A dislike the way Raquel told the story.

B have the same reaction. – правильный ответ

C have had a similar experience.

Part №3: Soft-Skills

19 With which learning goal will you use CLIL?

A To teach vocabulary to pre-intermediate students

В To teach English through teaching economy and finance – правильный ответ

С To master students’ speaking skills

D To teach English to children with special needs

20 Which of these skills will you train with your students if your goal is to implement 21st century 4K skills (communication, creativity, critical thinking and coordination with others) at the lessons?

A a skill to analyze the written work to search for the reasons of mistakes – правильный ответ

B a skill to brainstorm ideas and solutions to a detective riddle during a classroom quest – правильный ответ

C a skill to be on time for all the lessons

D a skill to deliver student’s opinion at a debate session – правильный ответ

E a skill to deal with stress before quizzes and tests

F a skill to distinguish roles in the team during a project work – правильный ответ

21 In each situation what kind of learning disorder does a student have? 

21a А pre-intermediate student is mixing letters and has difficulties when reading a text about koalas.

A dyslexia – правильный ответ

B alalia

C dysgraphia

21b Аn advanced student is mixing “b” and “d” letters writing the word bedroom.

A dyslexia

B alalia

C dysgraphia – правильный ответ

21c Аn elementary student is experiencing difficulties pronouncing the new vocabulary out loud.

A dyslexia

B alalia – правильный ответ

C dysgraphia

22 The process of improving your teaching skills through collecting and analyzing feedback from your students and colleagues together with self-analysis of your skills, lesson plans and activities is called

A Reflection  – правильный ответ

B Planning

C Stress resistance

D Cerebration

23 To make a presentation for your lesson the service you will not consider using is:

A Power Point

B Prezi

C Excel – правильный ответ

D Google presentations

24 Using the technique of active listening what phrase will you say if an 8-year-old kid starts to cry in the middle of the lesson?

A “Ты чем-то расстроен сейчас?”/“Are you upset with something?”

B “Ты чем-то очень расстроен сейчас. Тебе страшно, что ты можешь ответить неправильно”/“You are feeling very upset right now. You are afraid you will give a wrong answer”  – правильный ответ

C “Почему ты плачешь? Чем я могу тебе помочь?”/“Why are you crying? How can I help you right now?”

D “Мы с тобой договаривались, что ты не будешь плакать на уроке. Если тебе хочется побыть одному, ты можешь выйти, попить воды, умыться и вернуться когда тебе станет лучше”/“We’ve agreed that you won’t cry at the lesson. If you want to spend some time alone

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