Popular books for Primary students

Popular books for Primary students

There are so many ELT books for primary students. How do we choose a good one? Some of them are obligatory in schools because books are already bought. Every teacher has a legal right to use the book he prefers. To say the truth, more often we wait until the school administration decides to renovate the books stock.

Imagine, they have asked what you need. What will be your answer? Decide while reading this article.

The following courses have books for grades 2-4. They are included in the Federal list of books recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation:

1. “English”

Authors: V.P. Kuzovlev, N.M. Lapa, E.Sh. Peregudova and others.  

The components of the course: Student’s Book, Teacher’s Book, Activity Book, Audocourse, Grammar Book, Handwriting book, Assessment tasks, Readers.