English Outside the Classroom

English Outside the Classroom

While learning a foreign language students pay a lot of attention to formal education in the classroom. However, language learning is not restricted only to formal education in the classroom, it is much beyond the classroom. Each student must take advantage of every single opportunity to improve English outside the classroom. But how can they do this?

In this article, we will present a list of activities that improve learners’ English. 

  1. Watch movies, television (news, series, documentaries, adverts – everything) in English. 

Students can try watching movies of different genres, listen to news about different topics such as politics, culture, show business, Hollywood star interviews, etc. They can even try watching their beloved movies with English subtitles. This will lessen the stress related to the overall comprehension of the film. Listening to the radio is also a great chance to improve language skills, particularly listening. Apart from the chance to practice audio-comprehension skills, it enables learners to get useful information about different topics. Radio programs have a lot of interviews, which is a great way to learn how to ask questions, and the distinct language used in more serious interviews, versus light-hearted ones. Ted talks are a great way to improve listening skills. You can subscribe and have Ted talks sent directly to your email. 

2. Read in English

This is one of the activities which students can practice at their own pace. Reading materials can vary from fiction, newspaper articles, ESL reading materials, advertisements. While reading lengthy materials, you can focus on the comprehension of the overall meaning. However, while ordering pizza in the restaurant, you need to understand the details to eat whatever you have intended to eat.

3. Use the language in public places, like restaurants where you will have to order in English, visit museums and take the guided tours, go to free talks, speak to shop assistants in malls/stores (you can ask the price, request another size, color, ask about payment method, etc ). At a more advanced level you can go to the theatre, live comedy shows, or lectures/seminars, free workshops