7 activities on the topic “Fruit and vegetables”

7 activities on the topic “Fruit and vegetables”

With so many types of fruit and vegetables today, it is very important to teach your kids the specific vocabulary properly. Of course, you can find lots of interesting exercises to practise on the Internet. However, we have collected 7 most amazing and practical activities that your kids will definitely enjoy.

Guess the food

This task gets your children to use their imagination and to guess the food that is being drawn in the video. Divide your kids into 2 groups and ask them to guess the food before the time runs out. The one who guesses more words is the winner. 

Fruit guessing game

Vegetable guessing game

5 Second Rule

The game is aimed at making your kids think as quickly as possible while naming the types of fruit and vegetables. For each question, they are given 5 seconds to answer. 


Name 3 types of red fruit.

Name 3 vegetables that start with “A”.

Name 3 vegetables that can be cooked with eggs.

Name 3 vegetables that grow under the ground. 

Name 3 fruits that grow above the ground.

Name 3 vegetables that you don’t like.

Name 3 fruits which grow on trees.

Name 3 fruits that you like most.

Name 3 fruits that grow on bushes. 


Hide any type of fruit or vegetable – either real or a flashcard, and ask your children to guess what it is by asking general questions like: “Is it red?”, “Is it big?”, “Is it round?”, “Do monkeys like it?”, etc.  The necessary flashcards can be downloaded from Pinterest.


This activity will require some money and time, but your kids will definitely enjoy it. Select several types of fruit or vegetables, but not too many, some 7 types will be enough. Cut them in tiny pieces and give them to your students. They should taste each piece and try to guess what fruit/vegetable it is. 


Gather flashcards of different types of fruits and vegetables. Lay them out on the table and get your students to sort them by colour, fruit/vegetable, and shape. Ask them to name the fruits and vegetables they have sorted and make true sentences about them. For example: “This is an apple. I don’t like red apples, but I like green apples”, “This is a watermelon. My sister likes watermelon very much”, etc.  

Make Food

Many kids like being in the kitchen. You can use your classroom as an imaginary kitchen and ask your kids to bring some vegetables or fruit to make their favourite dish. It can be fruit salad, vegetable soup, healthy snacks, etc. Ask them to work in pairs and introduce how they make it. It will be very nice if they use a blackboard to write down the ingredients and then to represent the procedure of making it. If your students have some difficulties to present it to their classmates, you can ask them to watch the following videos and then to do the activity. 


Shopping for food

Get your students to watch the video about shopping.

Then ask them to work in pairs and roleplay.  One of them should be a buyer, another – a seller. If necessary, preteach specific vocabulary to use in their dialogues: Can I have…? I am looking for… Do you have…? Can I help you? Thank you. You are welcome. 

What activities do your kids find most interesting? 

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