How to Prepare a Good Video Lesson

How to Prepare a Good Video Lesson

Language learners learn the best when they are interested in the activities prepared by the teacher. Video lessons can be a great tool to engage learners and give them an opportunity to develop language skills through visual and audio stimuli. By choosing the right video material and by offering well-planned video lessons to students (students work with the video material for the whole lesson), we will be giving them an alternative (and often more entertaining) way to experience language outside of grammar explanations and textbook exercises. 

Here are the stages and a number of nice ideas to deliver interesting video lessons.

Step 1 -- Choose a relevant video 

It’s difficult not to choose videos being tempted by videos with great special effects or your favourite actor, but teachers need to choose videos which teach language necessary to students and according to the syllabus. While picking up a video one must pay attention to its length (usually from 3-6 minutes), style (with a monologue, a talk between two or three people), and the challenge level (the video must be challenging for students but within their level). 


  • ESLvideo is a great site which offers a big range of videos with quizzes.