Popular magazines for English learners

Popular magazines for English learners

Magazines are often associated with gossips and celebrities. However, they are not only about that. English teachers may find plenty of amazing and helpful articles in magazines to use in their classrooms. Magazines get your students to enter the world of English speakers, read interesting articles and improve their language skills. Tips and ideas on how to use Mass Media in the ESL classroom can be found in our previous article. Today we are going to introduce the most popular magazines that may come in handy in your classes.

Learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org – for teens

If you are teaching teens, this online magazine will definitely serve as an interactive instrument to engage your students in the learning procedure. There are various sections in the magazine that may interest your teens – life around the world, sport, entertainment, fashion, science and technology, music, books. The language level is mentioned below each article.

Student Weekly – for teens

This is a weekly magazine published by a Thai company. The audience of the magazine is mostly teenagers of intermediate level. Here you can find articles on the topics of education, entertainment, current affairs, latest events, and song lyrics. In addition, there are also some vocabulary and grammar exercises to memorize the newly learnt material.

National geographic – for Geography lovers

The magazine is being published since 1888. It mainly contains articles about geography, science, history and world culture. Its language is a little bit complicated, that’s why this resource will suit only for higher-level students, such as Upper-intermediate or advanced. Apart from articles, you can also find a huge collection of photos and videos of nature.

People – for celebrity fans

If your students are interested in celebrity gossip, this magazine will suit your classroom best. Here you can find information on the personal lives of famous people. Your students will be the first to find out which celebrity is getting married or divorced, who is pregnant and who has already given birth to a child. One of the most interesting sections of the magazine is Royals, where you can read breathtaking news about royal families. The articles can be suitable for different levels, starting from Pre-intermediate.

Reader’s Digest – for celebrity fans

Reader’s Digest is a general-interest family magazine, published ten times a year. The magazine was founded in 1922. Here you will find inspiring true stories about people and what they have done, some funny moments in the lives of celebrities. In the section of videos, you can find amazing stories with a length of up to three minutes. It gives your students a chance to learn about interesting facts by improving their listening skills.

Vogue – for fashion fans

Vogue is a fashion and lifestyle magazine covering many interesting topics. If you have students who are really keen on the latest fashion and what celebrities wear daily and on special events, then this magazine will serve you greatly. Articles are usually short but with lots of useful words and phrases. There is a huge focus on photography, art, and style, which makes the magazine more entertaining and interesting.

Sunset – for travellers

This is a lifestyle magazine that first was published in 1898 in the USA. It focuses mainly on travelling, home and gardening, lifestyle, food and drink. The magazine is full of amazing pictures and interesting articles about places in the Western United States. It also gives recommendations on where to stay, what to eat and what to see in different places. The magazine is suitable for Intermediate and higher levels.

The Economist – for Business English classes

It is a weekly magazine founded in 1843 by the British businessman and banker James Wilson. In its sections, you will find articles about Britain, China, Asia, China, Europe, Middle East and Africa, the USA, etc. There is also a separate section dedicated to business, where you can find the latest articles on this topic and use it with business English learners. Articles found in this section can be suitable for intermediate and upper levels.

Psychology – for students interested in psychology

‘Psychologies’ is a monthly women’s magazine dedicated to personal development and well-being. It was founded in 1970. Your students will find interesting articles on the topics of careers, better you, relationships from the viewpoint of psychology.

Of course, there are lots of other English magazines that you can use in your ESL classrooms. However, this was the list of the most popular ones that most teachers have found helpful. Hopefully, now you will have at least one suitable magazine for each of your students at your disposal.

What magazines do your students read in English?

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