How to use Flipgrid in your classes?

Do you love to make your classes fun? Do you strive for interactive classes? Do you use any online teaching tools in your classes?

If you answered YES to these questions, then Flipgrid if for you.

All of us want to make our classes as fun, interactive and effective as possible. In this century of overlapping technology, modernized classrooms and demanding students it is quite hard to keep the students interested, engaged and motivated. The gadgets distract them, so why not to use this to our advantage?

What is Flipgrid and what you can do with it?

Flipgrid is just one of the online platforms that allow your students to post video comments on a specific topics of your choice. It helps to;

  • boost fluency of your students through recording their answers and posting them for your review/feedback
  • make first class introductions
  • practice timed speech (Toefl speaking tasks)
  • give constructive feedback
  • summarize books, video content and more. 

It is free, interactive, fun and useful all at the same time.

How to use Flipgrid?

  1. Go to and sign up as an Educator
    How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
  2. You will be asked to use either gmail or Microsoft. No difference which one you choose.
    How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
  3. As soon as you sign up, you will be asked to fill in your profile details and create the account.
    How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
  4. Now you are in, you can start creating your grids.How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
  5. You will be asked to name your grid. If you are going to create several groups, it’s better to name them accordingly. E.g. General English A2. As for the type of the grid, if you want your grid to be private and accessible only to people you share it with  it’s better to choose either the School Email option, or the Student ID one. In case of the Student ID one, you will need to enroll the students on your own. To save time, go with the School Email option. You will just need to share your grid’s URL with the students and they will be able to join the grid by their emails. The last box “Create a Flip Code” is the actual link that you will share with your students. You can rename it as you wish.How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
  6. Now, you are ready to post the tasks.How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
  7. To proceed, you will need to choose a topic title, recording time (this tool is best used when the speaking time is not more than 2:30 — 3 min so as not to bore nether the recorder, nor the listener) add Prompt — which is the same as the Task, and Add the topics.
    How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
    How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
  8. As soon as you share the topic, it will appear in the grid.
    How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
  9. You have several Edit options in the grid. It is quite self explanatory and very interesting to play with.
    How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
  10. This is the link that your student will be using to go to the grid. They will use the same URL all the time, no need to update it unless you are creating a new grid.
    How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
  11. This is what your students see when they want to record their answers. They will need to hit the + icon and proceed with the recording
    How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
  12. This will use your devices camera, however, if you don’t feel like speaking in front of the camera, you can use one of the tools on the right side of the screen and put stickers, black/white screen instead of your face.
    How to use Flipgrid in your classes?
  13. When you finish recording, the video is played back to you. If you are OK with it, you can go ahead and post it, if not, you can do it again. This is a very nice feature as the students can actually practice their speech and work on fixing their own mistakes.

The students have an opportunity to watch each other’s videos and post comment videos. This can be a very nice activity to spice up some online discussion and/or debate. FLipgrid also has an app which is quite user friendly and much more flexible to use.

As a teacher, you can follow the same link shared with your students and post teacher’s feedback on their videos or you can access the page as an educator through your grids.

The tasks that always work for me are;

  • ice breaking activities
  • short questions to set the context of the class
  • Q&A sessions
  • end of course feedback

Check this out and you won’t regret!

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