Events for teachers of young learners

Events for teachers of young learners

Teaching very young learners and young learners is becoming more and more popular. The number of events, conferences, webinars, courses on this topic is growing rapidly nowadays. Let’s have a look at some of them that will take place in November and December.


IATEFL webinar “Goor language teachers”.

This webinar isn’t only for teachers of YL, however, still can be applied. Carol Griffiths will talk about lots of demands for teachers: lots of teaching hours, teacher’s autonomy, self-reflection, awareness of different cultures, personal approach to every student, knowledge of the latest methods and terms, theories, feedback techniques, classroom management; good communication skills and so on. She’ll cover each aspect of good language teachers and give recommendations on development.

ELT Trends Fest 

The conference will cover lots of topics. VYL and YL ones are:

  1. In defence of paper, in defence of magic. Anka Zapart

In this session you will have a look at different ways of using (real) storybooks in class with primary and pre-primary students; and Anna will also share how children can benefit from it.

2. Developing communicative competences of 6-9-year-old EFL learners, Ekaterina Balaganskaya

Ekaterina will talk about the development of communication competences of 6-9 y.o. learners: how to get them to speak, use functional language, collaborate; how to engage students with certain activities and tools; how to adapt coursebooks to increase learners’ motivation.

3. Reading for Pre-teens: between Fairy Tales and Magazine Articles. Alena Syramiatnikava

Alena will share some activities that develop 10-12 y.o. Learners to develop critical thinking skills and emotional intelligence using fiction and non-fiction stories; and how to explore the language in an engaging way.

4. Language input. Creating a Language-rich environment in the YL and VYL classroom, Maria Belevantseva

Maris will share some tips on how she makes her classroom an interactive and language-rich environment to make students exposure to language meaningful, repetitive and engaging.

5. Teaching preschoolers to speak: common mistakes and lifesavers, Tatiana Fanshtein

Tatiana will talk about 7 typical mistakes teachers of VYL make when they teach speaking and how to avoid them. In addition, she will share some activities to use in the classroom if students aren’t eager to speak.

12th of November

Game On: Using Digital Resources to Motivate Young Learners

Alex Warren will talk about how you can combine games and digital resources (audios, videos, devices, interactive whiteboards, the Internet) to motivate the young learner classroom. He’ll also share some ideas and examples on how to supplement your lessons: what, when and how to use resources effectively; how to incorporate digital resources and games in your everyday lessons.

15th of November

 MaWSIG / YLTSIG webinar “Moving away from exams dominance in YL materials”

Shelagh Rixon and Wendy Arnold will talk about “ins” and “outs” of Assessment. They will demonstrate the influence that exams have and will show how good examination can promote teaching and how bad examination can do harm. The main focus of the webinar will be about the advantages of integrated teaching and assessment in class and how to make this approach practical (Assessment for Learning via Assessment of Learning).

19th-20th of November

OUP webinar “Nurturing Imagination and Creativity in the Young Learner Classroom”. Kathleen Kampa will talk about strategies and activities that you can use with very young learners to nurture their imagination and expand creativity skills when we teach English. 

22nd-23rd of November

IH Young Learners’ Conference, Belfast

The registration for the conference is closed, however, you can write to The conference will cover a range of topics on managerial content and classroom ideas:

  1. Nick Bilbrough – The Hands Up Project: The play’s the thing.
  2. Alex Thorp – Trinity College London: You know who I am, do you know how I learn?
  3. Malcolm Mann – Macmillan Education: Why do we fall in love? And what’s that got to do with ELT anyway.
  4. Kay Bentley – Cambridge University Press: CLILifying Primary course books.
  5. Jen Dobson: Integrating soft skills in our programmes for early years.
  6. Jen Dobson: Taking responsibility for safeguarding young learners and teens online
  7. Diana England: Our Assessment Systems – Are They Fit for Purpose?
  8. Luke Meddings: Teaching statisticians to sing


9th and 11th of December

CUP webinar “Applying CEFR to your curriculum”.

This webinar doesn’t focus only on YL, however, it can be applied. Graham Seed and Clare Harrison will share what the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and its new Companion Volume are; and how they can be applied to English curriculum and learners’ progress evaluation.

11th of December

Macmillan webinar “Gamification”

Gamification is one of the hottest topics of language teaching methods in ELT now. Dr. Deborah Healey is the 2019-2020  President of the Board of Directors of TESOL International Association. She has experience of gamifying her both online and face-to-face courses. She’s done research on this topic as well. Deborah will share why and how gamification can be effective in teaching learners; how to take a gaming approach; how gaming makes passive students active players in the classroom; tell about the techniques and technology that can be used. Moreover, she’ll provide links to additional resources and certain examples that you can use in your classroom.

Don’t forget to register for the events and enjoy your professional development!

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