Grammar Recycling Activities

Grammar Recycling Activities

“Grammar? Ahh, boring!” Isn’t this the reaction we see each time we start to introduce a new grammar point in class? Do we wonder why people don’t like it or why it is hard to fix fossilised mistakes? Well, it is boring, that’s why 😀 How to make this more fun? How to make sure learners welcome grammar related activities? – just make them more fun!

As it is with vocabulary, recycling grammar, tenses, structures, is another important aspect of language acquisition. Failing to do it results in non-cohesive speech which projects a quite incompetent image on the part of the speaker. 

Recycling grammar can be fun as well. A lot of activities can be adapted in a way, so as to serve our needs of revising this or that language point. Below, I will be sharing with you some activities that I have been using throughout my teaching career and which have always proven to be very engaging, fun, and effective.

Making questions – any grammar topic

‘Using the students’ to shorten our preparation time and make the result more effective is a well-practiced strategy. Instead of spending hours to think of some questions containing t