CELTA Language Analysis — Vocabulary

When teaching a vocabulary lesson within the framework of the CELTA course, you should submit your language analysis with your lesson plan. If you are pre-teaching any vocab for a listening or reading lesson, you should also supply a vocabulary sheet. The main purpose of the language sheet is to show how the teacher is going to deliver the vocabulary section (how he/she is going to elicit the meaning, form and the pronunciation, what CCQs he/she is going to ask), what kind of anticipated problems learners may have while learning those new items (mispronunciation, can’t get the register of the word, can mix the word with another one or can misinterpret some aspects of its meaning ) and what solutions the teacher suggests for each problem. Though the preparation of this kind of worksheet is quite time-consuming for teachers, its worth the work done. This kind of worksheets may be useful for nearly all level students, especially higher than Intermediate level students as in these levels students are more exposed to new and more complex vocabulary items. 

Follow the link below and look at the example of a vocabulary analysis for the lesson “Survival Choices” (Coursebook “Total English, Pre-Intermediate” by Richard A., Araminta G., Pearson Longman, 2005, p. 42, ex.2-3).

Vocabulary Language Analysis

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