Awesome English learning applications for children

Awesome English learning applications for children

There are so many applications nowadays and when it comes to teaching English it’s particularly difficult to choose one among them. Learning becomes more involving for kids when they use devices. Even a boring test will seem a game. Try to include interactive programs in one-to-one lessons and use them for BYOD approach at school. Below I’ll share with you a list of applications I know and find quite engaging.

  • LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime

It’s an application from the British Council. There are more than 100 animated songs, games and stories. All of them are divided into topics, for example, Children’s Songs.  There’s such activity as listen-and-record. It boosts children’s speaking skills: they listen, then record themselves and compare their pronunciation afterwards. It also includes word and spelling games to help children remember the words from the videos.

  • Monkey Puzzles app

This one is from Cambridge University Press. There are 8 games to tests learners’ English. The child visits different places and plays games there. A new game opens when the child solves a puzzle. Next games are harder than the previous ones. 

  • eJOY English 

it is a multi-platform English learning app. There are more than 50 000 videos on different topics that are divided into different levels. This application searches for a cartoon or a song and it allows to search for words’ spelling and meaning while watching videos. All the videos include subtitles. In addition, children can save new words and play games to remember them.

  • English for Kids

This application helps learners learn English through games. There are 4 types of games: 

  • Flashcards (they are divided into topics, e.g., numbers, animals, clothes, etc.);
  • Sentence Games (to practise sentences patterns: Yes/No, filling the gapes, etc.); 
  • Word Games (kids have to find the correct answer for different questions);
  • Sentences (learners practise simple sentence patterns, e.g, how to say what the have, how to introduce themselves. 
  • Learn English – Kids

This application includes audio tracks to develop learners’ listening skills; texts to practise reading; quizzes to improve writing skills; record and compare to practise speaking skills. There are also stars and points to boost learners’ motivation and many images to support meaning. The difficulty of lessons is graduated. 

  • Teach Kids Languages

This application uses lots of games to help learners study English: puzzles, memory games, quizzes. It includes the practice of spelling and pronunciation. The topics are relevant for kids: colours, animals, shapes, etc.



  • Studycat

This application is for children 3-10 y.o. It includes games, scored and animated images to make the learning process engaging. Lessons include common topics and the words are repeated in different contexts to reinforce the meaning. 

Use these apps to integrate English in children’s lives and make them practise it outside the classroom.

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