English modal verbs may sometimes bring some ambiguity into the classroom because of the different meanings they have. To make things easier teach modal verbs separately. Previously we have written some articles where you can find activities to practice modals of obligation, ability, deduction and the modal verb should. If you have already covered all these modal verbs with your teachers, send them the following test to check their knowledge. The test is suitable for pre-intermediate levels.

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    Игорь Розум

    «In my opinion, the government ___ do something about this situation.» All of the three answers are correct for their own context. Might — возможно сделает, should — должен сделать, have to — обязан сделать.

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      Hello dear reader. I agree with you, but partially. Here it is more about expressing one’s idea. Hence, ‘should’ is considered the right option.


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