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Teachers always want to make lessons different, to change something in the usual syllabus. We do need to drill and practise the target language, but typical exercises become boring for students at some time. 

In this article, I’ll tell you about a resource that can bring your lessons to life.

Genially is a great resource to add variety to your lessons.  You can use it with students of all ages: from preschool to adults. You can use it for special courses such as TOEFL preparation or preparing for State Exams. Moreover, it can be used in both online and offline lessons. It can be used in different ways (depends on the type of lessons, aims and the type of task you’ll use, etc.): send a link to your students; or open and demonstrate it in skype or zoom;  or embed it in your website through iframe; share it in social networks or via Google Classroom. The only disadvantage — it’s not synchronised so you cannot see what they answer, but if you share your screen and use it as a presentation, do a quiz as an open class discussion or set games as a home task, it may work well. 

You can create tasks, visualise exercises and stories, make (video) presentations, create infographics and quizzes, make interactive images and gamify your lessons! 

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Source: Genial.ly

Let’s have a look inside.


There are more than 160 templates for presentations, you can choose the one that fits your education aims and topic best. For example, film presentation, videogame, cartoon, animals, comic, travel, holidays, music, sport, Art, Academic, Business, etc. You just open the necessary template and edit it according to your needs.

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Source: Genial.ly

Dossier & Report

If you have a project-based or task-based lesson, you can ask students to prepare a report or proposal on a topic. They can use ready-made templates. If perfectly fits Business English lessons. There are more than 50 templates for reports, dossiers and proposals (economy, startups, product, marketing, sales, crowdfunding, medicine, tech, medicine, etc.) 


This section has more than 10 templates for didactic units and more than 40 templates for all sorts of quizzes and typical exercises that can be gamified (Which one is different?, Where is …?, True or False, Order, Match, Group, Choose, Hidden Image and lots of others). You can use these templates to make tests fun, to make tasks more appealing and interactive, to set games in class.

hidden img Skyteach
Source: Genial.ly
link Skyteach
Source: Genial.ly


true Skyteach
Source: Genial.ly
choose Skyteach
Source: Genial.ly


Talking about games — it’s another big section on this website. It’s well-known that games motivate learners, reinforce input and help to retain the information. There are 15 flip templates (books, up/down, hand flip, poll results, etc.) 

book Skyteach
Source: Genial.ly
up down Skyteach
Source: Genial.ly

There are more than 50 templates for games (darts, image quizzes, detective quiz, wheel quiz, doors, millionaire, bomb, bowling, puzzle, board games and many others).

Interactive images

In addition, just to make your content more appealing, you can create interactive images. You can add pictures, text or videos on it.

interactive Skyteach
Source: Genial.ly


And that’s not all. You can make infographics, guides, calendars, roadmaps, lists, family trees, video presentations, CVs, Personal cards, Posts and posters and stories!

Pay attention: some of the content is free, but some of the content must be paid for.

This kind of content makes students participate in lessons actively, engages them and grabs their attention; it makes lessons memorable comparing to static input; it increases motivation and enhances concentration. 


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