Watching English films has a significant role in language learning. It enhances students’ vocabulary, listening and speaking skills and they get to know with this or that culture and environment. If your students are keen on detective films, here is a worksheet in the film “Murder Mystery” that you can use with them when they watch the film. It is designed for Intermediate learners.

Film Storyline

Murder Mystery is a 2019 American comedy-mystery film and it stars Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and Luke Evans, and follows a married couple who is caught up in a murder investigation on a billionaire’s yacht.

Nick Spitz is a New York police officer who continually fails the detective exam. His wife Audrey is a hairdresser. She has always wanted to visit Europe and eventually after their 15th-anniversary dinner they set off to Europe. On the plane, Audrey gets acquainted with billionaire Charles Cavendish, who invites the couple to join him on his family yacht for a party celebrating his elderly uncle’s upcoming wedding to Charles’ former fiancée.

Aboard the yacht, Nick and Audrey meet Cavendish’s relatives. At the party, his uncle announces that he is going to sign a new will according to which his new wife Suzi will be the only one to receive his inheritance. But at the very moment, he wants to sign the new will, the lights go out and somebody stabs Quince with his own dagger.

And now Nick and Audrey get down to investigating the murder. In spite of the obstacles they face on their way, the couple finds the assassin.

Instructions on working with the Worksheet

Students watch the full movie at home, make some notes, write down the most important phrases and words (not more than 15) and get ready for the discussion. In the classroom, they practice basic vocabulary from the movie, describe characters, do the quiz and discuss questions.

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