How good are you at word order? (Test)

Word order plays a crucial role in the English language. Mastering word order requires lots of practice both in the written and in  the spoken speech. Many students face obstacles especially when it comes to time or place phrases, adjectives, adverbs, indirect questions and reported speech.

If you have already covered all these topics, you can send the following test to your student to check your their knowledge of the material, and, in case of necessity, explain it once more.

The test is suitable for Intermediate + learners.

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Комментарии (8)
  • Kristina

    it was a very interesting and instructive test and it is very useful for students.Thank you.

  • Svetlana

    It is a very good test. And nice pictures too.

  • Colin Forrestal

    I would argue that the two I got wrong were ambiguous and both were acceptable usage.

    • Skyteach

      Hello. Thank you for your feedback. Could you please tell us which questions you mean?

  • Shaheeda Gangat

    I could have done better but I rushed it too much.

    • Skyteach

      Hello! We are sure that you could do better. Rushing doesn’t really provide quality. 🙂


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