LOGOS. Lesson ideas

A logo is like the front door of a company. It creates the first impression, greets customers. Logos become icons of the time. These signs reflect a company’s message, energy, history. Logos have various patterns, colours, layouts, images. It’s always interesting to guess what is behind a logo. Why not engage the students in it? How can we use logos for English learning benefit? Here are some ideas for you to implement in your lessons.

What is a LOGO?

It’s necessary to start with finding out what a logo is. They are scattered around us, but what is the purpose of them? Is it an art or a science? The topic is quite big and thought-provoking. You can discuss the function of logos in the modern world with your students. It’s better to provide visual examples of logos. 

What does it mean?

You can show your students some logos of different companies and start a discussion of the meaning of each of them. It might be nice to speculate about the colours and shapes used, the essence of the words on a logo. For example, in the Pinterest logo, the letter “P” doubles as a pin. It might not be immediately obvious, but it certainly fits for the platform. Let your students guess the sphere of business the company is in just judging by its logo. You might like this video on the topic. Can you find hidden messages?

Logo close-up

It’s funny to try to guess and recognize a logo and a company looking at close-up pictures. Some may be obvious while some may be challenging to identify. Here you will find some nice examples to inspire you.

Logo quiz

The students might like a quiz with the task to identify a company by its logo. For example,

LOGOS. Lesson ideas

It can be followed by a discussion of the history of the business, its specifics, philosophy. For example, everyone knows the ”bitten apple” logo of the famous computer and gadget manufacturer. It is one of the easily recognizable logos in the whole wide world. The main idea behind it is bringing simplicity to the public as an apple is the fruit of creation, it is simple but strong.

LOGOS. Lesson ideas

The wind of change

As most businesses from time to time transform their logos, it might be a good idea to speak about those changes. Are they for better or for worse? Why do companies do that? What is behind the transformation? Does it help companies to improve their image, income? Here are some examples of rebrands.

LOGOS. Lesson ideas

The worst logos ever

Logos are not always nice and ‘speaking’ and it can become an interesting topic to discuss and argue about. On the internet, it’s quite easy to find a lot of examples. What makes a bad logo? How to design a good logo?

The best logos ever

However, there are plenty of amazing unforgettable logos around us which are clear and understandable, which are worth discussing. Just watch these videos to see some.

My life in logos

This task suggests creating a poster using logos of different companies to tell the story of your life or about your daily routine. The students can use logos that represent: their friends, family, entertainment choices, foods and gadgets they like. This assignment enables teachers and classmates to get to know each other better in an unusual way.

Logo design

There are some online services to create logos. Offer your students to make up a design and be ready to advertise and promote it, explaining its meaning, usefulness, message.

Logo rebrand

Let’s imagine transforming a class into a big design studio. The students are given logos of famous companies from all over the world to suggest some enhancements to them. Of course, they should prove that their variants are better than the originals.

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