Holidays are already knocking on our doors. There are lots of customs and traditions of celebrating them all around the world. As English learners students should not only be aware of all these traditions but also of typical idioms and idiomatic phrases. The latter will help them to sound like native speakers.

Here we have designed two tests which may turn out to be useful in terms of practising Christmas and New Year’s idioms and idiomatic phrases with your students. The tests are suitable for Intermediate learners.

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Christmas jokes

What should you ask Santa for this Christmas? (test)

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  • Фото аватара
    Светлана Юрьевна

    Подскажите как открыть картинку с идиомами.

    • Фото аватара

      Здравствуйте! Тесты у вас не отображаются? Попробуйте открыть статью в другом браузере)


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