Christmas cartoons for kids

With so many festive holiday events for kids watching, Christmas cartoons is perhaps one of the most beloved activities for them. The great thing about Christmas cartoons is that they are endlessly re-watchable. However, every year at least one new cartoon should be added into the list of kids’ favourite animated movies. Here are several cartoons that will spice up your Christmas classes and children will enjoy a great deal. The animated movies are suitable for Pre-Intermediate+ learners.

Alien Xmas (2020)

Alien Xmas is an American animated Christmas science-fiction and fantasy film directed by Stephen Chiodo. The movie follows the story of extraterrestrial invaders intent on stealing the spirit of Christmas. A young elf mistakes a tiny alien for a Christmas gift, not knowing her new plaything has plans to destroy Earth’s gravity — and steal all the presents. The fate of the Earth depends on Santa, his elves, the spirit of Christmas and a generous, small alien named X.

Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas (2019)

This is a holiday movie from the Netflix series Spirit Riding Free. The story focuses on a fearless and determined tween who bends a few rules to make sure that she has her father’s gift in time for the holiday. She wanted to get him a new fiddle. Unfortunately, she and her friends end up in a dangerous situation when a snowstorm derails their train. After the accident the passengers continued their trip on foot and, having faced lots of obstacles on their way, finally they got home. All of them celebrate Christmas with their families and enjoy it a great deal. In spite of all the difficulties they face, children get their favourite gifts and enjoy the holiday.

Klaus (2019)

It tells a story about an incredible friendship between Smeerensburg’s new postman, Jesper and toymaker Klaus. Children are excited to write letters to Santa. They are all looking forward to their Christmas gifts. Jesper and Klaus prepare the necessary gifts for all children. They want to show people that a true selfless act always sparks another.

Super monsters save Christmas (2019)

It is a short animated movie that lasts just 24 minutes. The cartoon is about Santa, his missing reindeer and Super Monsters. It’s Christmas Eve in Pitchfork Pines, and Santa has a big problem — his reindeer is missing and he can’t deliver Christmas presents on time. Super Monsters join forces to deck the halls, and to help Santa to find the missing reindeer and save the holiday.

Super Monsters and the Wish Star (2018)

The cartoon is the part of Super Monsters TV series in which the Super Monsters gather to prepare and celebrate the magic of the holiday season. Super Monsters are little guys who are kids during the day and turn into mini-monsters when night falls. They are all very positive and friendly. Everyone is getting ready for the Christmas party. Christmas wishes come true for Lobo, whose cousin makes a surprise and arrives there. Glorb’s wish is also realized — he can be everywhere at once.

Angela’s Christmas (2018)

Angela goes to church on Christmas Eve with her family. While at church, an extraordinary idea comes to her mind — to warm baby Jesus. After the ceremony, Angela steals baby Jesus and takes Him home. She is so happy to put Jesus on her bed and to warm Him. When her family learns about it, Angela’s mother tells her how she was born. Later they bring baby Jesus back to church. The animation is beautiful and the story is really heart-warming. It tells us about the concern of a child, the love of family and the true meaning of Christmas.

What cartoons do your primary learners like watching at Christmas?

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