TED video “Living life to the fullest” (worksheet)

TED video “Living life to the fullest” (worksheet)

A new year — new beginnings. People have made plans, written resolutions and are looking forward to achieving set goals and fulfilling their lives with pleasure, harmony, and meaning. 

In this worksheet, you will find some exercises on the TED video “Live life to the fullest” which might be highly appropriate to continue talks on such topics as Life, Success, Happiness, Searching for harmony/meaning, Travelling, Making plans. 

Level: Intermediate — Upper-Intermediate  

Topic: Life/Happiness/Travelling

Time: 45-50 minutes 

Aim: to watch the video, learn related vocabulary, and encourage students to use it in their speech and speak as much as possible

It is better to send the video as homework and ask a student to watch it beforehand, make notes, and write down unknown words and phrases. Then in the lesson, you can take the best of it by discussing the topic using tasks in the worksheet.

Speaking activities are, obviously, essential for English language speaking classes. A lot of students join classes particularly to develop their communicative competence, become more fluent, versatile, adaptable, and confident communicators in English. However, designing speaking activities might be time-consuming and nerve-wracking for any teacher. We have prepared a memo with superb ready-made speaking tasks that will make your student talking. Download it here.

TED video "Living life to the fullest" (worksheet)
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