Weird jobs (worksheet)

Weird jobs (worksheet)

Nowadays there are lots of different types of jobs. But in the majority of cases, they are quite ordinary and there is nothing special about them. It goes without saying that all jobs are equally important, but if your job is to test beds in hotels or help an elephant become pregnant (artificially, of course) it may seem to be quite extraordinary and can attract people’s attention. This worksheet will help your students learn more about odd jobs, probably some of them they have never even heard of, they will develop their listening and reading skills and, of course, they will practice speaking for fluency. 

Age: 16+

Level: Intermediate +

Time: 50 mins

Lesson type: Listening, Speaking

Number of students: 3-8

Speaking activities are, obviously, essential for English language speaking classes. A lot of students join classes particularly to develop their communicative competence, become more fluent, versatile, adaptable, and confident communicators in English. However, designing speaking activities might be time-consuming and nerve-wracking for any teacher. We have prepared a memo with superb ready-made speaking tasks that will make your student talking. Download it here.

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