If someone had told you a year ago that you wouldn’t be able to travel because of some kind of virus, you would probably think that this person had seen enough movies about the apocalypse or had a bright imagination. But here we are, after a long lockdown caused by Covid-19. It has ruined everyone’s plans, and different spheres, including tourism, have suffered great losses. 

Planning a new journey abroad might seem inconceivable in these uncertain times. But life goes on, and, instead of endless Zoom calls, let’s look at the future optimistically and full of hope. Travelling is becoming possible as some countries have already reopened their borders with some entry requirements (testing, vaccination, or mandatory quarantine).

Here we’ve prepared a list of the best destinations which you should visit or revisit once travelling gets the green light. This is based on the travel experts’ opinions from Forbes, Harper Bazaar, Telegraph, and CNN travel.


One of the best ways to explore Asia’s culture is to visit Thailand. The country fascinates with its mountainous landscapes, ornate temples, fiery food, and stunning beaches with swaying palms. There is the cove, Maya Bay from the movie “The Beach”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It will be reopened in mid-2021 with strict restrictions. Thailand is the perfect escape into nature. It is considered to be one of the safest places to visit as the country has a good healthcare system.

Thailand has already reopened its borders for tourists from different countries. One of the latest requirements for visitors is mandatory COVID-19 insurance. To know more, visit its embassy website.        

United Arab Emirates

If you are interested in modern architecture, glossy beaches, and high-end restaurants and hotels, then your destination should be Dubai. It is a stylish blend of a city and beach break. This year this place will hold interesting and global mega-events. One of them is Expo-2021 running from October 1 to March 31, 2022. It is the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East. There visitors will see world-class architecture, a food festival and spectacular displays.

The other expected event is the opening of the Museum of the Future, the 78-meter high eye-shaped building. It will serve as an international hub for important inventions of the future. There will be exhibitions and workshops dedicated to topics as climate and space travel, the challenges for the future of the planet. The museum will bring progress closer to people. Go to this website to find out the entry requirements and rules.

New Zealand 

“Otherworldly” — this is how New Zealand landscapes are described. It is also considered to be the South Pacific jewel. This country offers not only amazing outdoor adventures, but also local Māori culture and history. This year in December, a 75-minute multisensory journey of guided storytelling Manea will be open. It tells the story of the great Polynesian explorer, Kupe, who was the first person who discovered the islands of New Zealand. To enter the country visitors must have negative Covid-19 test results. To know more about travelling to New Zealand, visit these websites: New Zealand immigration and New Zealand.    


The ancient wonders of this country seem to be limitless. A third of all the world’s antiquities and one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World, the Pyramids of Giza, are in Egypt. 

The greatest event of this year is the opening of officially the largest archaeological museum in the world, the Grand Egyptian Museum. Different ancient artefacts, such as King Tutankhamun’s treasures, a number of sarcophagi from Saqqara, and wooden coffins found in Luxor will be exhibited. 

Learn how to travel to Egypt by visiting the website.  


Both the nature and the culture of Africa are amazing. Kenya will be one of the best destinations to explore the continent. The most famous sights are located in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi.

One of them is Giraffe Manor, the hotel with giraffes. It is one of Nairobi’s most iconic buildings where visitors can see giraffes in the wild and feed them. Another one is Lemarti’s Camp, an eco-chic safari lodge with a complete immersion in the Samburu culture. Learn more about travelling to Kenya here.     


Even if you have been to this country several times, it is never enough. There are so many events to be held this year. One of them is a major show of Vittore Carpaccio’s paintings and drawings in Venice. Another event is a concert-form presentation of Verdi’s Aida in summer in the glorious setting of Verona’s Roman Arena. 

There is also another option. Instead of clustering in its usual touristy haunts, organize a trip across the country to rural towns. Here you can find information about travel restrictions and rules.  


Mexico is a country with incredible food, ancient Mayan ruins, and wonderful beaches. There are two great events this year in Mexico. 

In autumn the capital of Mexico, Mexico City, will be celebrating its quincentennial, 500th birthday, and 200 years of independence from Spain.

Later in October fans of the Formula 1 Race will be able to attend the 2021 Mexico City Grand Prix. There are new travel requirements which you can read here.  


White sand beaches, hotels on private islands, different activities like sailing and scuba diving. 

There is a world’s-first country-wide loyalty program, called the Maldives Border Miles. It allows visitors to earn points based on how often they visit and how long they stay. These points can be сonverted into different services or benefits. Go to the website to learn about travel conditions.  


Australia is famous for its natural wonders and wide-open spaces, and traditional indigenous art, known as Aboriginal art. Tourists can see tenets of indigenous life in restaurants and contemporary art. 

There is a four-day Wukalina Walk. It is a three-night, four-day guided walk along Tasmania’s lichen-red Bay of Fires. Visitors will get acquainted with local lore and traditions. 

In Queensland, travellers can take an Aboriginal painting class and listen to ancient creation myths. Here is the information about travel requirements in Australia. 

Costa Rica

If you are looking for eco-places and extreme activities, you should go to Costa Rica. It is one of the world’s great eco-tourism pioneers. It provides a combination of luxury and adventure activities from visits to rich wildlife to bird/whale watching, river rafting, bungee jumping, etc. 

This year a glamping lodge will be open in Arenal Volcano National Park where guests can have rainforest experience and world-class sport fishing. Go to this website to get to know about travel requirements.  

Note: Before planning a journey to one of these destinations check Covid-19 level and travel requirements for your country.   

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