Clubhouse: free communication or threat to democracy (worksheet)

Clubhouse: free communication or threat to democracy (worksheet)

Our life got deeply stuck in social networking sites and people are getting more and more Internet-addicted. Net junkie is a neologism that means that a person can’t imagine his/her life without the Internet. People want to show their life, so they post hundreds of pictures every day, trying to cope with their inferiority complex. On the other hand, the Internet could be really helpful, because we can use it for a great variety of purposes: we work, study, do scientific research on the Internet and, of course, communicate. Clubhouse is a brand new social network that gives us the opportunity to communicate with clever people and get necessary information in such way. This worksheet will help your students learn more about this social network, they will expand their vocabulary on the topic connected with social networks, develop their listening and reading skills and, of course, they will practise speaking for fluency. 

Age: 16+

Level: Upper-Intermediate +

Time: 50 mins

Lesson type: Listening, Reading, Speaking

Number of students: 3-8

Speaking activities are, obviously, essential for English language speaking classes. A lot of students join classes particularly to develop their communicative competence, become more fluent, versatile, adaptable, and confident communicators in English. However, designing speaking activities might be time-consuming and nerve-wracking for any teacher. We have prepared a memo with superb ready-made speaking tasks that will make your student talking. Download it here.

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