Reading and cooking club. Pete the Cat: Pete’s Big Lunch

Pete the Cat, a little blue cat, has become a beloved children’s character! Here is the story behind the cat. If your kid loves him, organize a reading club followed by a cooking workshop. 

What is the book about? 

Pete the Cat: Pete’s Big Lunch”. Pete the Cat makes one giant, tasty sandwich for lunch.

He forgets to remove the wrappers and adds cans, jars, and boxes to the ever-teetering tower of items. The sandwich is too big for the small cat to consume so he shares it with his friends.

Download the presentation and teacher’s notes below. The presentation includes before-reading activities, the book itself and after-reading activities to check the book understanding and cooking tasks. There are three different options for the cooking time, choose one suitable for your lesson format (an online or face-to-face lesson). 

Pete’s Big Lunch (presentation)

Pete’s Big Lunch (teacher’s notes)

If you work offline, you can also create a puppet of Pete the Cat (download printable) and play with it while rehearsing cooking.

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