20th May is National Be a Millionaire Day in the USA which inspired me to create a treasure hunt game on Jamboard where students must solve different tasks to find a million dollars. There are thematic listening and reading activities, vocabulary tasks suitable for Intermediate+ adult learners. They can be completed both individually and in groups. 

Please make a copy to continue working with the lesson. After each task, the teacher gives students a clue. They must try to guess what the keyword for each clue is. Students must use these keywords to complete the final task. At the end of the journey, they will “become a millionaire” in the English language.

Here you can find the keys, clues and keywords.    

Instructions for teachers: 

Task 1. Listening: Aloe Blacc — I need a dollar

Students listen to the song, then add stickers on the Jamboard and write the answers for the given questions on them. When they finish, give them a clue to guess a keyword. Say: “The clue is the founder of Microsoft”, students answer: “It’s Bill Gates”. Ask to write it down on a piece of paper. Do the same for the other tasks.

Task 2. Vocabulary

Ask students to read the words and drag them into an appropriate column. 

Task 3. Reading: Article “Accidental Millionaire”

Tell students that they are going to read an article that is a real story. Students read the paragraphs and order them. They can use the instrument “pen” to number the paragraphs or reorder them by dragging. Conduct a follow-up discussion. 

Task 4. Describing: “PERSEVERANCE”

Ask to add words and pictures which best describe the word. 

Task 5. Watching: “How to Become a Millionaire in 3 Years”

Let students watch the video, then ask them: “What is the main idea of the speech?”. Give them a few minutes to write their opinions on the stickers and put them on the viewpoint part. If you work with a group of students, it will be a great opportunity for them to collaborate and brainstorm some ideas.   

Final Task: Quote: Collecting the keywords 

Tell students that the last task is a quote by a famous person. Ask them to look at the keywords that they have collected from the previous tasks. Let them write the keywords on stickers and then try to order them to find out the quote. You can help them by adding some stickers with words from the quote.   

P.S. To use this Jamboard room, create its copy and add it to your Google Disk.

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Go on hunting and turn your lessons into an interesting journey!

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