Russian Entrepreneur’s Day: lesson ideas

Russian Entrepreneur’s Day: lesson ideas

Russian people truly enjoy holidays, and May is totally filled with them! There is, for example, World Entrepreneur’s Day which is celebrated on the 26th. In this article, we suggest several ideas on how to organize a special lesson about Russian entrepreneurship. 

Recommended level: Intermediate


Start the lesson with the ice-breaking discussion about business, e.g.:

  1. What entrepreneurship is? 
  2. How difficult do you think it is to work in this sphere? 
  3. Are you connected with a business somehow? 
  4. Do you know anyone who is? 

Task 1 — This is Russia

Then discuss what students think about Russian business. Let them watch the video and answer the questions:

  1. Which aspects do you agree with?
  2. What things sound hilarious? 
  3. Do you think it’s the same all over the world?

Task 2 — Russian startups

Make students read an article about the top 5 Russian startups with global ambitions and discuss them:

  1. What industries are they for?
  2. Which one do you suppose to be the most innovative?
  3. Would you use any of these services? Why/why not?
  4. Have you ever worked with startups? Tell us about your experience.

Keys: trade, logistics, fashion, farming, waste management

Task 3 — Successful businessmen

Set the task:

Look at these entrepreneurs and say:

  1. Do you know any of them?
  2. What are they famous for?

Russian Entrepreneur’s Day: lesson ideas

Keys: 1) Oleg Tinkov (Tinkoff online bank owner), 2) Pavel Durov (founder of VKontakte and Telegram), 3) Roman Abramovich (one the richest man in Russia,” Chelsea” football club owner), 4) Alisher Usmanov (owns Kommersant publishing house, co-owns MegaFon and Mail.Ru group), 5) Eugene Kaspersky (CEO of Kaspersky IT lab).

Now ask them to take a look at some brands they own and answer the questions: 

Russian Entrepreneur’s Day: lesson ideas

  1. Do you use any of these services?
  2. What do you use them for (personal, business needs, etc.)? 
  3. Аre you satisfied with the quality of the products they offer?

Task 4 — Secret of success

Set the task:

What traits/skills should an entrepreneur have? Complete the table:

Russian Entrepreneur’s Day: lesson ideas

Task 5 — Motivational quotes

Ask students to read the following quotes and discuss if they agree with them.

Russian Entrepreneur’s Day: lesson ideas

Then discuss what motivates your students and ask them to create their own quotes.

Russian Entrepreneur’s Day: lesson ideas

Print them for your classroom and get inspired every day!

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Russian Entrepreneur’s Day: lesson ideas

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