How to make the most of summer? Ideas for teachers

How to make the most of summer? Ideas for teachers

Finally, after a hectic school year, most teachers are pleased to welcome summer holidays. Just curling up on the sofa and watching some movies is not enough to recharge and get ready for an effective school year to come. Therefore, here we share some tips for teachers to make the most of summer.

Get a massage 

During the school year, we get tired both mentally and physically. That is why the very first thing I strongly recommend is to get a massage. It relieves stress, reduces anxiety and muscle tension, helps to get rid of the headaches and of course, to sleep better. In this respect, face, back and body massage are undoubtedly useful. Depending on your health condition, age and physical abilities, consult a doctor.

Refresh yourself physically

Summer break gives us a great chance to refresh ourselves physically. Make some new good habits, such as exercising, cycling and jogging in the mornings, eating proper meals, taking long baths, walks and naps. These will help you remain strong and healthy when school begins in autumn. 

Go swimming

Personally speaking, I can’t imagine summer without pools and beaches. Water has an incredible power to heal everything, including depression and physical tiredness. If you do not have a chance to spend your summer holidays at the seaside, at least make sure to go to the nearest pool several times. 

Learn one new skill

Another way to make the most out of summer is to learn at least one new skill. This may be related to your professional development, such as tools for online teaching (Online teaching tools for vocabulary practice, Tools to vary online lessons, Distance learning: Best tools for online lessons, Tools for Interactive collaboration), computer and technological skills (Interactive online whiteboard IDroo, Google docs – an online instrument in the ESL classroom, How to use Flipgrid in your classes?). In case you are eager to learn something new that doesn’t have anything to do with your profession, you may think over

learning photography, photoshop skills for editing your Instagram photos, drawing, gardening, etc. Consider the skills that can also help you make an extra profit. In this respect photography is the best one for me. It enlarges your creativity, brings a positive mood and emotions and can be a source of money. 

Have a summer photoshoot

In case you are a fan of photoshoots, find the most incredible ideas for crazy and unique pics on Pinterest and add new photos to your social media accounts or your family album. 

Prepare your classroom

Though it may seem that we have lots of time to get ready for the new school year, days pass in the blink of an eye and here you are — new year, new students, new goals and approaches. To make things easier, you should prepare in advance.

Here are some things you can do now:

  • Prepare your schedule (in case it depends on you).
  • Make a list of what needs to be done when the new school year starts. 
  • Get organized and clean your space.
  • Purchase the supplies you will need (clipboards, dry erase markers, coursebooks, etc.).

Enjoy binge-watching 

There’s a shortage of time during the academic year, but in summer you just need a good guilty pleasure binge-watch. Watch a season of a new TV series or new seasons of your favorite ones: Friends: The reunion, Why Women Kill (season 2), Shadow and Bone (season 1), The Irregulars (season 1), Mare of Easttown (season 1), etc. 

Read a book that has nothing to do with teaching 

Most teachers love to read, but often only have time to skim through professional literature. Now that you have more free time, try picking out a fun book to read that is just for your own pleasure. One that can help you truly sit back and relax – remember, that means one that has nothing to do with school! Getting lost in a good book could be exactly what you need to recharge.

Stay tuned for book ideas. 

I sincerely wish you amazing summer holidays and a coming school year full of wonder and delight. 

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How to make the most of summer? Ideas for teachers

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