World Environment Day (worksheet)

World Environment Day (worksheet)

The importance of having a healthy and green environment was first discussed in the 1970s by the United Nations. Since then every year on the 5th of June people all around the world celebrate World Environment Day. Its main goal is to raise awareness and encourage people to take action to protect the environment. Taking care of our planet is crucial for the survival of future generations. 

The lesson about the environment and its issues gives a great opportunity not only to become a part of this process and make a difference by learning more about the actions we can take but also to have an interesting thematic English lesson. 

As the theme for World Environment Day 2021 is “Ecosystem Restoration”, in this worksheet we have included listening and watching activities, speaking and vocabulary tasks dedicated to the environment in general and to different ecosystems as well. It is suitable for Intermediate and higher level students.

Go green this June 5th with your students and start building a greener future. 

Speaking activities are, obviously, essential for English language speaking classes. A lot of students join classes particularly to develop their communicative competence, become more fluent, versatile, adaptable, and confident communicators in English. However, designing speaking activities might be time-consuming and nerve-wracking for any teacher. We have prepared a memo with superb ready-made speaking tasks that will make your student talking. Download it here.

World Environment Day (worksheet)
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