Lesson plan is aimed at introducing shopping vocabulary to kids (7—8 years old), getting them to work on their pronunciation, and developing their speaking and thinking abilities.

— Age: 7—8

— Level: elementary

— Time: 40 mins

— Lesson type: vocabulary, listening and speaking

— Number of students: 1—8

Task 1: Warm-up

Watch the video and sing along.

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Task 2: Lead-in

Meet the character. Her name is Alice. Where do you think she is coming from?

Shops Lesson Plan for Kids

Task 3: New Vocabulary

Look at the shops and repeat after your teacher.

Task 4: Vocabulary practice

Look at the pictures. What number is the clothes shop?

Shops Lesson Plan for Kids

Teacher’s notes: Repeat the steps for all the pictures.

Task 5:

Look at these objects and match them with the words. Where can you buy them? Follow the example: I can buy a T-shirt in the clothes shop.

  1. milk
  2. a teddy bear
  3. a hat
  4. meat
  5. bread
  6. vegetables

Task 6: Noughts and Crosses

Let’s play Noughts and crosses. What do you want to be? Noughts or crosses?

Shops Lesson Plan for Kids

Ok. You go first. Name a word and draw a cross/nought.

Shops Lesson Plan for Kids

Task 7: Bingo

Let’s play bingo! Choose a card. And this is my card. I play the track (pause after each word). Cross the words you hear. The first to cross a line is the winner.

Card 1

Shops Lesson Plan for Kids

Card 2

Shops Lesson Plan for Kids


Task 2

She is coming from a shop.

Task 4

— The clothes shop is number 2

— The toy shop is number 1

— The butcher’s is number 3

— The bakery is number 4

— The greengrocer’s is number 5

— The supermarket is number 6

Task 5

— A — 2: I can buy a teddy bear in the toy shop

— B — 5: I can buy some bread in the bakery

— C — 6: I can buy some vegetables at the greengrocer’s

— D — 3: I can buy a hat in the clothes shop

— E — 1: I can buy some milk in the supermarket

— F — 4: I can buy some meat at the butcher’s

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