Lesson Plan About Shops for Elementary level


Lesson plan is aimed at introducing shopping vocabulary to kids (7—8 years old), getting them to work on their pronunciation, and developing their speaking and thinking abilities.

— Age: 7—8

— Level: elementary

— Time: 40 mins

— Lesson type: vocabulary, listening and speaking

— Number of students: 1—8

Task 1: Warm-up

Watch the video and sing along.

How are you today? Are you ready to start the lesson?

Task 2: Lead-in

Meet the character. Her name is Alice. Where do you think she is coming from?

Shops Lesson Plan for Kids

Task 3: New Vocabulary

Look at the shops and repeat after your teacher.

Task 4: Vocabulary practice

Look at the pictures. What number is the clothes shop?

Shops Lesson Plan for Kids

Teacher’s notes: Repeat the steps for all the pictures.

Task 5:

Look at these objects and match them with the words. Where can you buy them? Follow the example: I can buy a T-shirt in the clothes shop.

  1. milk
  2. a teddy bear
  3. a hat
  4. meat
  5. bread
  6. vegetables

Task 6: Noughts and Crosses

Let’s play Noughts and crosses. What do you want to be? Noughts or crosses?

Shops Lesson Plan for Kids

Ok. You go first. Name a word and draw a cross/nought.

Shops Lesson Plan for Kids

Task 7: Bingo

Let’s play bingo! Choose a card. And this is my card. I play the track (pause after each word). Cross the words you hear. The first to cross a line is the winner.

Card 1

Shops Lesson Plan for Kids

Card 2

Shops Lesson Plan for Kids


Task 2

She is coming from a shop.

Task 4

— The clothes shop is number 2

— The toy shop is number 1

— The butcher’s is number 3

— The bakery is number 4

— The greengrocer’s is number 5

— The supermarket is number 6

Task 5

— A — 2: I can buy a teddy bear in the toy shop

— B — 5: I can buy some bread in the bakery

— C — 6: I can buy some vegetables at the greengrocer’s

— D — 3: I can buy a hat in the clothes shop

— E — 1: I can buy some milk in the supermarket

— F — 4: I can buy some meat at the butcher’s

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